Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday: August 3

Weekly Update

Guess who's back? That's right! It's Hiro! And boy does he have an update for you!

Two, actually. And they're both about...clothes? Well, okay. Here we go.

First off, big announcement. Do you enjoy art? Do you like stuff? Do you enjoy wearing shirts that proclaim artistically your love of stuff? Then you're gonna love our t-shirt designs! Check out the announcement here for more info!

Wanna skip reading and go right to the buying? Sure thing!

Now remember, you don't have much time to get these! A little less than a week remains, and supplies won't last forever! If you want more, want to praise the designs, or want to discuss ideas for future sales, head to this thread:

Second Update!

The venerable Dr. Tyche is kind enough to regale us with a discussion of fashion-consciousness and what it means for the aspiring costumed vigilante. Take a read here:

Then discuss it over here!

Forum Round-Up

Death is something oft dismissed in the comic book world. I mean, seriously, how many times has Jean Grey been killed? You'd think Xavier's School would have their own in-house mortician. But what does this mean in terms of game mechanics? What should happen if our heroes suffer defeat? Venture ponders this and invites comments on our forums!

Ahhh, PvP. Three simple letters that can stir feelings of excitement, contempt, and crippling anxiety. Every MMO has their own approach to PvP, some more unique than others. How could we make ours uniquer than everyone else's? Pandemonum presents an idea here:

Lastly, the multi-limbed. Truly, two arms can be limiting. How many of us haven't spent time wondering what life would be like with two, four, twelve more appendages? ...I'd have to get new shirts... What limits might this bring to the game? What challenges? Can it even be done? Discuss while I go cut new sleeves into some clothes!

Video of the Week:

Everything is better with British narration. Every. Thing.