Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday: August 3

Weekly Update

Guess who's back? That's right! It's Hiro! And boy does he have an update for you!

Two, actually. And they're both about...clothes? Well, okay. Here we go.

First off, big announcement. Do you enjoy art? Do you like stuff? Do you enjoy wearing shirts that proclaim artistically your love of stuff? Then you're gonna love our t-shirt designs! Check out the announcement here for more info!

Wanna skip reading and go right to the buying? Sure thing!

Now remember, you don't have much time to get these! A little less than a week remains, and supplies won't last forever! If you want more, want to praise the designs, or want to discuss ideas for future sales, head to this thread:

Second Update!

The venerable Dr. Tyche is kind enough to regale us with a discussion of fashion-consciousness and what it means for the aspiring costumed vigilante. Take a read here:

Then discuss it over here!

Forum Round-Up

Death is something oft dismissed in the comic book world. I mean, seriously, how many times has Jean Grey been killed? You'd think Xavier's School would have their own in-house mortician. But what does this mean in terms of game mechanics? What should happen if our heroes suffer defeat? Venture ponders this and invites comments on our forums!

Ahhh, PvP. Three simple letters that can stir feelings of excitement, contempt, and crippling anxiety. Every MMO has their own approach to PvP, some more unique than others. How could we make ours uniquer than everyone else's? Pandemonum presents an idea here:

Lastly, the multi-limbed. Truly, two arms can be limiting. How many of us haven't spent time wondering what life would be like with two, four, twelve more appendages? ...I'd have to get new shirts... What limits might this bring to the game? What challenges? Can it even be done? Discuss while I go cut new sleeves into some clothes!

Video of the Week:

Everything is better with British narration. Every. Thing.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday: July 20

Weekly Update!

This week, we continue our Dev Spotlight series focusing on everyone's favorite dubious physician, Doctor  Tyche. Check out the interview here:

And as always, join us in our discussion at this thread: 

Forum Round-Up!

A...female...Thor? I'm having flashbacks to Marvel Manga, here. Discuss this interesting news at this thread:

Do you like silly characters? Better yet, do you /play/ silly characters? Toss your ideas, or have a good laugh at some others brought to us by Criminus! 

Teleport! One of the most awesome powers out there (says Hiro) but so tough to do mechanics-wise. Kamikaze shares some ideas in this thread. Discuss them and add your own! 

Video of the Week!

Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert? Do you like helping starving kids? Would you like a role in the new Star Wars movie? If you answered "YES!!!" to any or all of the above, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday: July 13

Ladies and gentlemen and non-binary gendered lifeforms from across the galaxy, welcome to your (late-ish) Sunday recap

Weekly Update

As the world recovers from the Soccerball Championships, many of us remain hard at work (or hard at not-working). This week, for your reading pleasure, we give you a look into some lore, with Tales from the Underworld: One Night in Charleston! 

After you give it a read, head on over to the forum to discuss, and also see if you can spy the special little surprise left by one of our favorite physicians...

Around the Forums

Here's what we've been talking about this week!

City of Heroes is considered a classic game by...well, most all of us. But what, specifically, made it so special, so /fun/ for you? Empyrean kicks us off with a discussion here! 

One thing that so few games have been able to properly replicate? SG/VG Bases! What are some ideas to make them more than a place for amazing RP and talent to be shown off? Lord Nightmare shares a few ideas here:

With July 4th out of the way, many people are starting to look forward to Christmas! And who can blame them? Everyone just loves receiving gifts! But should we be able to send our special friends some electronic tokens of our effection? Er. Affection? syntaxerror37 poses such a question in this thread! 

Hiro's Video of the Week!

BuzzFeed teaches us some crazy facial facts. Time to go measure my nose... Enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday: July 6

What a crazy few weeks it's been for all of us here at MWM and the City of Titans team! Vacations, rock music, rain, mud, and lots and lots of hard work! What have we been doing since last we updated you?


Check out a short version of our new Glossary, wherein we explain some terms you're going to be hearing a lot more of! Mole Men, Martians, EPIC MONSTER BOSSES, oh my! 

We also had a special announcement from our very own Warcabbit, just in time for a very special day. Take a look here:

And feel free to send lots of compliments here:

Around the Forums

Up for some good spoooooky RP? Check out "A Wee Bit of Ghost Hunting" brought to us by D-Pad:

Should Villains be Valued or Mocked and Beat Up Relentlessly? Check out a very interesting discussion regarding both morals, treatment of others, and game mechanics all started by "desviper" over here:

A Hiro-ic Thank You

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our active community members for being so diligent pointing out attacking NEMESIS spam-bots. It really makes our jobs a lot easier. While I'm told I don't have the power to make any promises, I'm going to disregard that and make each of you a promise! For everyone that reports a spam-bot, I, Hiro of house Antagonist, will give you one (1) FREE THIRTY (30) seconds of game time on release!!! [Ed. Hiro can't actually do this, please ignore him, he's been exposed to the sun way too much this month.] [Shadow: I blame myself actually. This is clearly the strain of managing the last week and a half without the balm of my presence]

Video of the Week

What else could it be? Happy Birthday, America!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday: June 22

Weekly Update

This week was a Dev spotlight in an all new exciting format: read and learn about our favorite artist (don't tell the others!) Tiger! 

Read In the Spotlight: Doctor Tyche here:

Did you like the new DevSpotlight format? We'd like to hear from you! Did you hate it? Well go to- I mean. We'd still like to hear from you! Head over here to discuss it:

Forum Round-Up

We don't want to forget our amazing RPers! One of the hottest and most active forum RP threads I've ever seen was started by Gladatoria. Take a read even if it's just to see the scope that the writers have incorporated!

Pay for win, pay for win, pay for win... Such a hot topic, isn't it? Voice your opinion!

From Around the Web

A shot-for-shot remake of the Battle of Hoth. Seriously. Wow.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday: June 15

Current news

In this weeks update, our Lore team took us inside Titan City Police Department, looking through the eyes of Kathleen Aureilia on her first day on the job.

You can discuss it here:

This week also saw a few new interviews. Check out what we said to our friends at Rolling 20s (starting at 2:02:00): 

And our interview with Connor from

Forum roundup

We've been asked to try and find a way for people who missed the Kickstarter to have the chance to donate financially to the project. Is this something you'd like to see happen?

Hazard zones - do you love them or hate them? Plexius is a fan, and would like to see us include them in City of Titans. What do you think?

And Radiac wants to know if there are any symbols that will be considered 'taboo' for costumes and bases. How do you draw the line between realism and offensiveness when it comes to symbols and sigils?

Around the web

If you don't watch anything else on the web, watch this:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday: June 8

Current News

A very big, very important and looked forward to update landed Wednesday! Our June State of the Game update by our resident bossman Warcabbit! Read all about it here:

Once you've had a look over the map and details, join in the discussion!

Forum Roundup!

Another blast of nostalgia from user Mind-Freeze! Here's a chance to tell us all about your very first character!

Some fun discussion on the Ranger classification per user Per Ignim.

It seems small when you first think about it...but doesn't our hair (or lack thereof) really say something about us? Check out this oldie but still going strong goodie from ZigZag simply tilted: Male and female hair!

Around the Web

A brave soul using a...unique medium to perform covers of various classics - as the artists themselves!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday: June 1st

Current News

We were happy to bring a very big, exciting update to our loyal followers this week! Check out "Mastering Your Character - A Primer on Masteries" for a peek at what lies in store to help you define your character!

After you've read the article, head on over to the discussion page and join in with your thoughts and questions.

Forum Topics

Here's an interesting discussion (before the spelling wars started! ;) ) about achievements/badges and ways to show them off, possible rewards, etc. Were you a badge hunter in CoH? Come toss some ideas into the mix.

An exciting and in-depth discussion about the origins of the universe, superpowers, and god-like beings in various comic universes, and how these might affect CoT.

What's a weekly post without a bit of nostalgia? Here's a thread brought to us by Gideon Cross as a virtual memory lane. Post screenies of your characters from CoH and relish the past.

Around the Web

See the world in an animated light thanks to Hombre_McSteez and some creative use of animation cells!

(Dubstep Frog might be my new favorite thing ever - Hiro)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday: May 25

Current News

This week our update was an in-universe interview with Bejamin Jackson, better known as Old Ben. Our intrepid reporter has a nice chat with him. Read the article here:

Join the discussion here:

Forum Posts

Around the forums, a few topics of note and interest have been floating about. We'd love to see more input and participation!
For our City of Heroes veterans, Ralathar44 started a conversation on what features, exactly, made CoH most fun for you, and what of them you might want to see in CoT.
Here we have an interesting topic brought to us by Hospy, where the idea of "skill sets" and their possible uses is discussed.&nbsp
A thread that's been floating around a while from Pyromancer. Talk about names for pets and underlings with the Operator class!


From Around the Web

The Morgan Freeman... On Helium 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday: May 18th

Current News

We had a busy week! From updates, to new community managers, to having our first iteration of the Code of Conduct on our forums - it's been a lively week!

We had an update from our Art Department on the Kickstarter wallpapers, which also included a sneak peek video. Check out the update here:

This week we welcomed two new Community Managers - Shadow Elusive and HiroA. You can read their greetings to the City of Titans community here:

Egads! Our Report Post button has apparently done gone ran away with the last forum software update, so in the interim you can private message to Shadow Elusive, HiroA, Minotaur, or myself (VDG) if you feel a post needs to be reported for violating any of the forum rules. Read that post here:

Speaking of forum rules, please read our Code of Conduct guidelines here:

Forum Topics
Have I not shared this before? What's wrong with me? Check out ChristopherRobin's collaborative art thread - some truly awesome work in there.
A fun role-playing thread by Xselcier
Thread by Robertt Steel about a possibility advantage/disadvantage system tied to origins


Did I tell you we love questions? We love questions. Ask one here:

From: Radiac
For: Business & Marketing
When should I expect the receive the T-shirt I bought with my Kickstarter money? Also, will the non-physical stuff (e.g. Iconic, Mogul, etc) be dealt with before the game is released or after? Thanks.

Terwyn, Marketing Manager: Given the sheer size of donations we received during the Kickstarter, it should be no surprise that it has taken us a long time to track down our benefactors to confirm specific details. Since some people have surprisingly contributed well over a thousand dollars, and haven't read their e-mails instructing them where to sign up for their goodies, we've had to extend the deadline and reach out to these individuals personally. So, eventually, we started collating the results, and found that some people had left shipping addresses in Titan City. A nice thought, but unfortunately unhelpful for items existing outside of the game world. As well, more than one person had left the default size of t-shirt in the system, and we're quite sure that half of our base do not wear a women's Extra Small. Needless to say, that started off an entirely new sequence of back and forth communications, forcing us to have to collate the list again.

Good news, however, despite all of that, the orders are going out more or less as we speak, and they'll start shipping as soon as they can. Everyone should be getting the shirts more or less at once, presuming that local postal systems are equally efficient. As for the digital goods, they will be plotted out and dealt with accordingly well before the final build of Titan City.

I hope this answers your question adequately.

From Around the Web

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday: May 11th

Current News

This week our update was from Terwyn and it was all about business and marketing.

Check out the original announcement here:
Join the discussion here:

Forum Posts
Thread by Radiac, about hardcore gaming, gear, and selling loot for cold hard cash.
Always worth re-recommending, the comic recommendation thread, by Skaargoroth
Awesome art and coloring by Lord Goat

Got a question? Ask it here:

From: Darth Fez
For: Composition / Lore
How does Titan City manages to (presumably) remain largely peaceful despite so many heroes and villains, and those who fall between those extremes, pursuing their goals? Will be a question of suspension of disbelief?

Robin, Composition Lead: This depends a lot on your definition of 'peaceful'. In part, people have learned to work around the super-battles. The heroes do a good job of handling the villains, and the TCPD and the TCFD are both excellent at keeping civilians out of harm's way."

It's also worth noting that super-criminals -- at least, those who aren't out to deliberately kill as many people as possible -- tend to try and avoid getting people killed because if they're to the point where they'e fighting a super, they know they might be caught, and if they might be caught, they don't want to make their sentence worse."

Another thing is that citizens of Titan City understand this to be a part of life. They don't mind putting up with it in exchange for living in what they consider the greatest city in the world. The can-do attitude common among the locals means that instead of worrying about it, they come up with solutions, and honestly the supers help; heroes will often do their own cleanup, and there's a number of city workers with their own powers."

Supervillains often end up helping as well. Not voluntarily, of course, unless they're seeking good PR. But for convicted criminals with suitable abilities, cleaning up superbattle sites is often part of their sentence as hard labor, and it is also accepted as community service.

From Around the Web

*Shakes head* I never thought it was this possible to fail that hard.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday: May 4th

Current News

This week's update was from our Composition team and it was all about the writing process for City of Titans.

You can check out the announcement here:
Discussion thread:

We are also currently working on (manually) going through the Kickstarter Backer list and correctly flagging their forum handles as such. We had looked at a module that could do this for us but it apparently had a Zod complex and was banished to the Phantom Zone - so we are doing it by hand.

Like the Florida ballot counting.

So, if you supported us on our Kickstarter Campaign and pledged enough to receive the Kickstarter forum title/badge and you used a different email address to register for the forums - first off; damn you. Secondly, send me an email at with your name,  your City of Titans forum handle, and the email address you used for our Kickstarter campaign.

Follow the thread here:

Forum Posts
Would you like an arm or a leg made of fire, gas, or water? Discuss that idea on Silent Sillo's thread.
Desviper's thread on the difference between enhancements & boosts vs upgrades
RottenLuck's very poignant reminder of why we need to embrace new players and help them along.

From Around the Web

An artificial leaf that produces energy by splitting hydrogen in oxygen while inside a glass of water? What the what?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday: April 27th

Current News

I'm baaaaack! Vacation was great, but holy heck I have a lot to catch up on!

Here's our latest updates for the month of April:

And two of those updates included some totes amazing videos you should check out!

Forum Posts
Our latest update about nearing the end of our pre-production period
The discussion thread for our update on Law and the Superhero
Thread by Empyrean, with questions about PvP in the Superhero genre
Have you seen AJSB's Wish List threads? Check out this one, if you haven't.


From: jcheraz
For: Gameplay
Will the new game engine allow for, and will you use, more active combat roles (like dodging, blocking, etc.)?

Warcabbit, Project Lead: The new game engine will allow for more active combat roles. However, we've seen that blocking has come off poorly in certain competing games, so before we implement anything like that, we'll have to be darn sure it's fun and functional.

Right now, we're not aiming to use it - we're starting off with some fairly traditional gameplay, though we're encouraging a bit more mobility in combat, and we've got some really good ideas on how to make pushing buttons to trigger powers a bit more fun and interactive.

Got a question? Use our Ask-A-Dev tool! 

From Around the Web

Photoshopping has officially gone too far.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday: April 6th

Currents News

Clicky Cape! Soon to be the biggest rage in MMO gaming!

But, no, seriously, we have a real Tech Demo which shows off the particle capabilities of the Unreal Engine 4 and it's pretty sweet!

Forum Posts
Our Ha-Ha update.
The real update.
Who posted what and where on the Dev team.
A good discussion from Empyrean, but what is it that makes you feel heroic in a game?
AmbiDreamer would like to throw a party in game and it's never too early to plan!
Consultant would like to know what MMO's you're playing while you wait.

From: Nucleon
For: Gameplay
Do you plan to make a nemesis system with customizable minions, lieutenants and the main supervillian?

WarcabbitProject Lead: As for the nemesis system, we wouldn't mind doing that, but we also have another idea that ties into the idea of playing with your friends. I don't want to spoil it because it might not work, and it might not be fun, but if it is, it'll be the best thing ever. A _real_ nemesis to play with.

If it doesn't work, though, the customized nemesis is something we can do, but we want to do it a little better than other iterations.

From: Tskales
For: Tech
With regards to the unreal 4 engine you're now gonna use, will it be possible to have capes and long hair without major clipping issues?

DeathSheepFromHellAssistant Art Director: The UE4 engine supports physics-based collision modeling of clothing through a suite of code known as APEX (made by NVIDIA, but runs on any graphics card.)

Which means that once everything is properly set up with the pipeline and the client, a cape will drape over the character wearing it. Or get blown about by wind. Or be blocked if you spin around and it runs into a wall, shift around if an animated tail bumps into it, or pull you into a jet engine if you fly too close. Okay, maybe not the last one, but not because we *couldn't*.

Long hair is a somewhat more complex question, mostly because the "state of the art" in dealing with it is a rapidly moving target. Do we intend to have long hair? Absolutely. Will it clip? No, for the same basic reason that clothing won't -- physics modeling. *When* will we have it? That one is much more up in the air, because the timeline is determined in part by what technique / approach we go with, and for some of the options, in part by when Epic is able to integrate all the new shiny into the stable engine builds (as opposed to a bleeding-edge tech demo).

Probably not until after it shows up for clothing, for two reasons: first, clothing that handles what we aim to do is already in the stable engine (and has been for a while). Second, it presents a lot of the same *types* of problems that hair does, but they are almost universally simpler with clothing. So it makes a better place to start tackling them.

From Around the Web

Vader-Pooh? The voice of Winnie the Pooh reads some of the Darth Vader's lines from Star Wars. Please make sure to have a towel underneath you before watching. You might leak with laughter.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday: March 30th

Current News

This week's update was another tour of the city by our lovely Gabbie the Cabbie. Check out the update here (

Forum Posts
Forum update from Doctor Tyche
Dev Digest for the 4th week of March, compiled by VDG
Thread by crowpeople, all about not having your weapons appear out of mother loving nowhere.
RP Thread by Rotten Luck - all set inside the Maul.
Thread by Empyrean which asks about what features and what not you like from other Superhero themed MMO's.


From:  Dinma
For:  Business & Marketing
Would you deploy an additional stand-alone adventure/danger room builder; a pen and paper (tabletop) CoT game; personalized avatar action cards, T-shirts, mugs etc. to raise funds or have Comic book stories--with player characters to reward loyalty?

Terwyn, Marketing: We're certainly exploring the various options, but it is too early to make any promises right now. Developing a pen and paper game, for example, would draw time and effort away from our other priorities for development. Creating personalized avatar materials would also require a degree of effort that we cannot quite invest just yet, as well. All of these things have been noted as things that we would eventually like to do, if possible, but first we have to get to the point where they *are* possible.

As for loyalty rewards, I think you'll love some of the things we've come up with already.

From Around the Web

I need this. You need this. We need Goat Simulator

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday: March 23rd

Current News

If you haven't heard the news you then you're living under a rock - but City of Titans will be built on the Unreal Engine 4. If you read that and you're all like "What the what?" then check out this video:

Forum Posts
Discussion on our latest Announcement We're using UE4!
Love to flt? A fun RP thread, by KaosKitteh
An RP set in one of the grittier areas of Titan City, thread by Gladatoria
More updates on the amazing webcomic, by Tiger
Thread by ProfessorSpecter about concerns of trolls gobbling up character names.


From: jcheraz
For: Tech
Other superhero MMO's have not always had a great first-person view. Will you be a) allowing that and b) making it more viable?

Doctor Tyche, Company President & Technical Director: Too early to know. I don't want to promise something which we just do not know yet.

From: JayBezz
For: Tech
You've announced an independent character creator released for mobile devices and the like..
Any plans for Ability to Bank/Trade, Chat a Event Notifiers, when the SG lair is under attack, or other incentives to log in within the hour et cetera?"

Doctor TycheCompany President & Technical Director: Not initially, but over time the mobile app will gain expanded features.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday: March 16th

Current News

This week's update was from our Art Director, Petalstorm, and showcased some awesome artwork by some of our newest artists. You can view that update at:

Also, as some of you may have noticed - our blog url has changed! We've switched from the old 'tppdevblog' moniker to 'city-of-titans' - and I totally forgot to announce that change. My bad. Won't happen again. I promise.

Forum Posts
How have I not linked to this RP thread before? Shame on me! Thread by GhostHack
Thread by HellsBouncer, but address the topic of being a superhero and parenting.
An awesome villain RP thread, by RottenLuck.


Visit: to submit your question!

From: jcheraz
For :Gameplay
"Newer games are going with fewer toolbars and power clickables. Levels provide updates and expansions to existing powers, rather than new powers. Will you follow suit?"

Felix, Systems Analyst: We plan to provide a fairly dynamic experience. In some cases you will be able to choose "meta powers" that affect your other powers rather than just add a new clickable. However, in keeping with our overall design intent, many of the later powers will be situational, rather than just obviously better. It is our intent that your early powers will remain useful throughout the game.

From: Dimma
For: Gameplay
"Would you consider power rating score for characters? It could assist with PVE balancing and be used by players in PVP to determine an opponents relative power."

Felix, Systems Analyst: We will not provide a power rating score for characters. We feel that the inclusion of such a feature would be toxic to the overall cooperative nature of the game. However, we acknowledge that there will be "gating" down the road in endgame content, where a certain amount of endgame progress is required to participate in certain content.

From Around the Web

What the what? Wireless Electricity?

A 3D capturing camera? I want one. Nao.

Also, a 1001 movie clips you need to see before you die.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday: March 9th

Forum Posts
Agree or disagree - rename Vigilantes to Zealots? Weigh in on the discussion linked above. Thread by Skywraith
Awesome RP thread by Hollowpoint Heroism, Falindae, and KaosKitteh. It's a closed RP thread by worth the read!
Another good RP thread, by Xselcier
Ah, the good ole discussion about XP gains. Thread by Scipio

From Around the Web

Having a bad day? Here's some instructions to get you past that.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday: March 2nd

Current News
Our update of the week, which contains links to previous posts & updates as well.
Y'all need to get your perks selected. You can also reach out to if you're having any issues with your selecting your perks.

Forum Posts
Ever wonder what comics your fellow Titans are reading? Check it out and share here! Thread by Skaargoroth
If you could give Anthem a new backstory, what would it be? Thread by Gladatoria
Got thoughts and ideas on NPC sidekicks? Thread by Thanatos
Still got a healthy discussion going on about what would make a subscription to City of Titans worth buying. Thread by Consultant
Yes, it's true - Heroes is coming back. Kinda. Sorta. Differently. Thread by Winter

From Around the Web

You'll shed a tear. I promise. It's a touching story. Bring tissues, a napkin, or a towel. Whichever.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday: February 23rd

Current News

Thank you to everyone who supported us on our Shorty Awards nomination! We finished at third place with 131 nominations and the finalists for the 2014 Shorty Awards should be announced sometime within the next week.

Of course we have to thank @manvsstairs for the original nomination!

Forum Posts
An RP thread... for villains! Thread by notears
The perils of repetition in videogames. Thread by WarBird
Y'all aware it's getting rebooted, not even 10 years after the original?  Thread by JayBezz

From Around The Web

What the what? You mean my little old table lamp can become a wireless router of sorts?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday: February 16th

Current News

The Shorty Awards Logo
The Shorty Awards Logo

Only two days left before the Shorty Award nominations close! As of this writing we're currently tied with that Veronica Mars woman for the #3 slot - but we're crossing our fingers we can cross over the one hundred mark!

Over on the City of Titans website we put up a post in regards to our nomination for a shorty award:

Forum Posts
Did you play City of Heroes? What made it fun for you? Thread by Ralthar44.
How do you feel about team spoke integrated into the game client? Thread by Codyklous
An awesome RP thread by Gladatoria!
Another awesome RP thread, this one by Rotten Luck.

From Around the Web

Some people just don't fear the reaper (but do the wind and the sun and rain?):

Also awesome is the Kenguru: