Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday: May 25

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This week our update was an in-universe interview with Bejamin Jackson, better known as Old Ben. Our intrepid reporter has a nice chat with him. Read the article here:

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Around the forums, a few topics of note and interest have been floating about. We'd love to see more input and participation!
For our City of Heroes veterans, Ralathar44 started a conversation on what features, exactly, made CoH most fun for you, and what of them you might want to see in CoT.
Here we have an interesting topic brought to us by Hospy, where the idea of "skill sets" and their possible uses is discussed.&nbsp
A thread that's been floating around a while from Pyromancer. Talk about names for pets and underlings with the Operator class!


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The Morgan Freeman... On Helium 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday: May 18th

Current News

We had a busy week! From updates, to new community managers, to having our first iteration of the Code of Conduct on our forums - it's been a lively week!

We had an update from our Art Department on the Kickstarter wallpapers, which also included a sneak peek video. Check out the update here:

This week we welcomed two new Community Managers - Shadow Elusive and HiroA. You can read their greetings to the City of Titans community here:

Egads! Our Report Post button has apparently done gone ran away with the last forum software update, so in the interim you can private message to Shadow Elusive, HiroA, Minotaur, or myself (VDG) if you feel a post needs to be reported for violating any of the forum rules. Read that post here:

Speaking of forum rules, please read our Code of Conduct guidelines here:

Forum Topics
Have I not shared this before? What's wrong with me? Check out ChristopherRobin's collaborative art thread - some truly awesome work in there.
A fun role-playing thread by Xselcier
Thread by Robertt Steel about a possibility advantage/disadvantage system tied to origins


Did I tell you we love questions? We love questions. Ask one here:

From: Radiac
For: Business & Marketing
When should I expect the receive the T-shirt I bought with my Kickstarter money? Also, will the non-physical stuff (e.g. Iconic, Mogul, etc) be dealt with before the game is released or after? Thanks.

Terwyn, Marketing Manager: Given the sheer size of donations we received during the Kickstarter, it should be no surprise that it has taken us a long time to track down our benefactors to confirm specific details. Since some people have surprisingly contributed well over a thousand dollars, and haven't read their e-mails instructing them where to sign up for their goodies, we've had to extend the deadline and reach out to these individuals personally. So, eventually, we started collating the results, and found that some people had left shipping addresses in Titan City. A nice thought, but unfortunately unhelpful for items existing outside of the game world. As well, more than one person had left the default size of t-shirt in the system, and we're quite sure that half of our base do not wear a women's Extra Small. Needless to say, that started off an entirely new sequence of back and forth communications, forcing us to have to collate the list again.

Good news, however, despite all of that, the orders are going out more or less as we speak, and they'll start shipping as soon as they can. Everyone should be getting the shirts more or less at once, presuming that local postal systems are equally efficient. As for the digital goods, they will be plotted out and dealt with accordingly well before the final build of Titan City.

I hope this answers your question adequately.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday: May 11th

Current News

This week our update was from Terwyn and it was all about business and marketing.

Check out the original announcement here:
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Forum Posts
Thread by Radiac, about hardcore gaming, gear, and selling loot for cold hard cash.
Always worth re-recommending, the comic recommendation thread, by Skaargoroth
Awesome art and coloring by Lord Goat

Got a question? Ask it here:

From: Darth Fez
For: Composition / Lore
How does Titan City manages to (presumably) remain largely peaceful despite so many heroes and villains, and those who fall between those extremes, pursuing their goals? Will be a question of suspension of disbelief?

Robin, Composition Lead: This depends a lot on your definition of 'peaceful'. In part, people have learned to work around the super-battles. The heroes do a good job of handling the villains, and the TCPD and the TCFD are both excellent at keeping civilians out of harm's way."

It's also worth noting that super-criminals -- at least, those who aren't out to deliberately kill as many people as possible -- tend to try and avoid getting people killed because if they're to the point where they'e fighting a super, they know they might be caught, and if they might be caught, they don't want to make their sentence worse."

Another thing is that citizens of Titan City understand this to be a part of life. They don't mind putting up with it in exchange for living in what they consider the greatest city in the world. The can-do attitude common among the locals means that instead of worrying about it, they come up with solutions, and honestly the supers help; heroes will often do their own cleanup, and there's a number of city workers with their own powers."

Supervillains often end up helping as well. Not voluntarily, of course, unless they're seeking good PR. But for convicted criminals with suitable abilities, cleaning up superbattle sites is often part of their sentence as hard labor, and it is also accepted as community service.

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*Shakes head* I never thought it was this possible to fail that hard.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday: May 4th

Current News

This week's update was from our Composition team and it was all about the writing process for City of Titans.

You can check out the announcement here:
Discussion thread:

We are also currently working on (manually) going through the Kickstarter Backer list and correctly flagging their forum handles as such. We had looked at a module that could do this for us but it apparently had a Zod complex and was banished to the Phantom Zone - so we are doing it by hand.

Like the Florida ballot counting.

So, if you supported us on our Kickstarter Campaign and pledged enough to receive the Kickstarter forum title/badge and you used a different email address to register for the forums - first off; damn you. Secondly, send me an email at with your name,  your City of Titans forum handle, and the email address you used for our Kickstarter campaign.

Follow the thread here:

Forum Posts
Would you like an arm or a leg made of fire, gas, or water? Discuss that idea on Silent Sillo's thread.
Desviper's thread on the difference between enhancements & boosts vs upgrades
RottenLuck's very poignant reminder of why we need to embrace new players and help them along.

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An artificial leaf that produces energy by splitting hydrogen in oxygen while inside a glass of water? What the what?