Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday: March 30th

Current News

This week's update was another tour of the city by our lovely Gabbie the Cabbie. Check out the update here (

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Forum update from Doctor Tyche
Dev Digest for the 4th week of March, compiled by VDG
Thread by crowpeople, all about not having your weapons appear out of mother loving nowhere.
RP Thread by Rotten Luck - all set inside the Maul.
Thread by Empyrean which asks about what features and what not you like from other Superhero themed MMO's.


From:  Dinma
For:  Business & Marketing
Would you deploy an additional stand-alone adventure/danger room builder; a pen and paper (tabletop) CoT game; personalized avatar action cards, T-shirts, mugs etc. to raise funds or have Comic book stories--with player characters to reward loyalty?

Terwyn, Marketing: We're certainly exploring the various options, but it is too early to make any promises right now. Developing a pen and paper game, for example, would draw time and effort away from our other priorities for development. Creating personalized avatar materials would also require a degree of effort that we cannot quite invest just yet, as well. All of these things have been noted as things that we would eventually like to do, if possible, but first we have to get to the point where they *are* possible.

As for loyalty rewards, I think you'll love some of the things we've come up with already.

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I need this. You need this. We need Goat Simulator

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday: March 23rd

Current News

If you haven't heard the news you then you're living under a rock - but City of Titans will be built on the Unreal Engine 4. If you read that and you're all like "What the what?" then check out this video:

Forum Posts
Discussion on our latest Announcement We're using UE4!
Love to flt? A fun RP thread, by KaosKitteh
An RP set in one of the grittier areas of Titan City, thread by Gladatoria
More updates on the amazing webcomic, by Tiger
Thread by ProfessorSpecter about concerns of trolls gobbling up character names.


From: jcheraz
For: Tech
Other superhero MMO's have not always had a great first-person view. Will you be a) allowing that and b) making it more viable?

Doctor Tyche, Company President & Technical Director: Too early to know. I don't want to promise something which we just do not know yet.

From: JayBezz
For: Tech
You've announced an independent character creator released for mobile devices and the like..
Any plans for Ability to Bank/Trade, Chat a Event Notifiers, when the SG lair is under attack, or other incentives to log in within the hour et cetera?"

Doctor TycheCompany President & Technical Director: Not initially, but over time the mobile app will gain expanded features.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday: March 16th

Current News

This week's update was from our Art Director, Petalstorm, and showcased some awesome artwork by some of our newest artists. You can view that update at:

Also, as some of you may have noticed - our blog url has changed! We've switched from the old 'tppdevblog' moniker to 'city-of-titans' - and I totally forgot to announce that change. My bad. Won't happen again. I promise.

Forum Posts
How have I not linked to this RP thread before? Shame on me! Thread by GhostHack
Thread by HellsBouncer, but address the topic of being a superhero and parenting.
An awesome villain RP thread, by RottenLuck.


Visit: to submit your question!

From: jcheraz
For :Gameplay
"Newer games are going with fewer toolbars and power clickables. Levels provide updates and expansions to existing powers, rather than new powers. Will you follow suit?"

Felix, Systems Analyst: We plan to provide a fairly dynamic experience. In some cases you will be able to choose "meta powers" that affect your other powers rather than just add a new clickable. However, in keeping with our overall design intent, many of the later powers will be situational, rather than just obviously better. It is our intent that your early powers will remain useful throughout the game.

From: Dimma
For: Gameplay
"Would you consider power rating score for characters? It could assist with PVE balancing and be used by players in PVP to determine an opponents relative power."

Felix, Systems Analyst: We will not provide a power rating score for characters. We feel that the inclusion of such a feature would be toxic to the overall cooperative nature of the game. However, we acknowledge that there will be "gating" down the road in endgame content, where a certain amount of endgame progress is required to participate in certain content.

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What the what? Wireless Electricity?

A 3D capturing camera? I want one. Nao.

Also, a 1001 movie clips you need to see before you die.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday: March 9th

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Agree or disagree - rename Vigilantes to Zealots? Weigh in on the discussion linked above. Thread by Skywraith
Awesome RP thread by Hollowpoint Heroism, Falindae, and KaosKitteh. It's a closed RP thread by worth the read!
Another good RP thread, by Xselcier
Ah, the good ole discussion about XP gains. Thread by Scipio

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Having a bad day? Here's some instructions to get you past that.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday: March 2nd

Current News
Our update of the week, which contains links to previous posts & updates as well.
Y'all need to get your perks selected. You can also reach out to if you're having any issues with your selecting your perks.

Forum Posts
Ever wonder what comics your fellow Titans are reading? Check it out and share here! Thread by Skaargoroth
If you could give Anthem a new backstory, what would it be? Thread by Gladatoria
Got thoughts and ideas on NPC sidekicks? Thread by Thanatos
Still got a healthy discussion going on about what would make a subscription to City of Titans worth buying. Thread by Consultant
Yes, it's true - Heroes is coming back. Kinda. Sorta. Differently. Thread by Winter

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You'll shed a tear. I promise. It's a touching story. Bring tissues, a napkin, or a towel. Whichever.