Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday: June 22

Weekly Update

This week was a Dev spotlight in an all new exciting format: read and learn about our favorite artist (don't tell the others!) Tiger! 

Read In the Spotlight: Doctor Tyche here:

Did you like the new DevSpotlight format? We'd like to hear from you! Did you hate it? Well go to- I mean. We'd still like to hear from you! Head over here to discuss it:

Forum Round-Up

We don't want to forget our amazing RPers! One of the hottest and most active forum RP threads I've ever seen was started by Gladatoria. Take a read even if it's just to see the scope that the writers have incorporated!

Pay for win, pay for win, pay for win... Such a hot topic, isn't it? Voice your opinion!

From Around the Web

A shot-for-shot remake of the Battle of Hoth. Seriously. Wow.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday: June 15

Current news

In this weeks update, our Lore team took us inside Titan City Police Department, looking through the eyes of Kathleen Aureilia on her first day on the job.

You can discuss it here:

This week also saw a few new interviews. Check out what we said to our friends at Rolling 20s (starting at 2:02:00): 

And our interview with Connor from

Forum roundup

We've been asked to try and find a way for people who missed the Kickstarter to have the chance to donate financially to the project. Is this something you'd like to see happen?

Hazard zones - do you love them or hate them? Plexius is a fan, and would like to see us include them in City of Titans. What do you think?

And Radiac wants to know if there are any symbols that will be considered 'taboo' for costumes and bases. How do you draw the line between realism and offensiveness when it comes to symbols and sigils?

Around the web

If you don't watch anything else on the web, watch this:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday: June 8

Current News

A very big, very important and looked forward to update landed Wednesday! Our June State of the Game update by our resident bossman Warcabbit! Read all about it here:

Once you've had a look over the map and details, join in the discussion!

Forum Roundup!

Another blast of nostalgia from user Mind-Freeze! Here's a chance to tell us all about your very first character!

Some fun discussion on the Ranger classification per user Per Ignim.

It seems small when you first think about it...but doesn't our hair (or lack thereof) really say something about us? Check out this oldie but still going strong goodie from ZigZag simply tilted: Male and female hair!

Around the Web

A brave soul using a...unique medium to perform covers of various classics - as the artists themselves!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday: June 1st

Current News

We were happy to bring a very big, exciting update to our loyal followers this week! Check out "Mastering Your Character - A Primer on Masteries" for a peek at what lies in store to help you define your character!

After you've read the article, head on over to the discussion page and join in with your thoughts and questions.

Forum Topics

Here's an interesting discussion (before the spelling wars started! ;) ) about achievements/badges and ways to show them off, possible rewards, etc. Were you a badge hunter in CoH? Come toss some ideas into the mix.

An exciting and in-depth discussion about the origins of the universe, superpowers, and god-like beings in various comic universes, and how these might affect CoT.

What's a weekly post without a bit of nostalgia? Here's a thread brought to us by Gideon Cross as a virtual memory lane. Post screenies of your characters from CoH and relish the past.

Around the Web

See the world in an animated light thanks to Hombre_McSteez and some creative use of animation cells!

(Dubstep Frog might be my new favorite thing ever - Hiro)