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The Phoenix Project Update: 'Monday', April 22, 2013

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Missing Worlds Media Presents
The Phoenix Project
Update: Monday, April 22, 2013
By: Camerong 'Segev' Stormlord

This past week, many of you already saw our interview with Forward Compatible.

It's a nice one, featuring everybody's favorite beard along with some interesting tidbits of our work up 'til now and going forward, and we want to thank the nice people at that podcast for their time.

Speaking of interviews, one we did with Polygon should be in an article going live this week, and we're looking forward to seeing how that one goes. It's apparently a decent-sized one!

In news from our PR maven, we're at a gratifying 1,683 FaceBook friends, and starting to think about how to mark 2,000 friends. What would people like to see? Livestream event by which department, mebbe? Another dev Q&A? Any ideas are welcome! Less than 350 away, so we need to get started thinking about it, and we also want to thank you all for spreading the word, especially if it keeps accelerating. Also, we have more than 500 twitter followers (@MWorldsMedia, if you are interested and didn't know we had one), which is very exciting, as well.

We think we've chosen the game title, but we're not telling you what it is just yet. ...maybe that would be a good prize for 2000 friends!

We're all hard at work on a super-secret project, which we'll be announcing soon (tm). We're so excited about it that it's killing us not to share it already. I've had to animate a couple zombies just to fill in for those taking the week off dead for tax purposes.

All this hard work swells my heart with pride in this community; we couldn't do it without the volunteerism shown. The most common place people offer to chip in is in the writing and editing areas, and while we love having more, the editing department is in the process of streamlining process to accommodate it all, so there's a brief bottleneck there.

Still, if you're energized and looking for something to do with that energy, or know people like that, we need artists, we need coders, and we're starting to see marketing people (though obviously, that's a tricky part to work). QuantumHero, who has been one of our longest-running volunteers (and whom I met - online only - back with trying to set up Media Day, for those who remember that part of the SaveCoH effort), is very excited to be at the same convention as Matt Miller this week in Chicago. She's created her own distinctive shirt for the occasion, and will be at the SaveCoH fan event later. It's rather unofficial, but I'm sure she'd be delighted to say "hi" to anybody she meets there.

Speaking of conventions, we're going to have a panel at Phoenix Comicon coming up next month. Our Game Architecture and Composition leads will be there, as will our Creative Director (who you all know as Cerulean, SithRose, and AlabasterKnight). This will be an official event, so stop by and see them, please!

We're looking at trying to show up at CapeCon, as there's no more dedicated group to the spirit of this community than the folks at Cape Radio and their listeners, keeping the light on in the dark at our refuges and havens and temporary homes. Let us know if there's anything you'd like to see from us leading up to or at that event. (We need to talk to the guys in charge of that, come to think of it; we might be able to help out with the organizing or something.)

Finally, in sadder news, I'm sure everybody recalls the tragedies at Boston and in West, TX this last week. One the act of reprobates not even worthy of the title of "villain," and the other a shocking tragedy.

I've seen our community share its sympathies with those areas. If anybody is in those areas who knows of ways we can show our heroic spirit to help out, please speak up. Let us remember our motto since this all began: "We are heroes, and this is what we do."

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