Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Phoenix Project Update: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Phoenix Project
Status Update: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
By: Segev

My apologies for the late update. The stars just aligned to get in the way. But, fear not! Here it is for this week! We'll start off with a bit more on Kickstarter.

With the various funding drives that are ongoing or upcoming in the Plan Z family, it has been expressed that some are concerned about the privacy of their personal and/or credit card data. The Phoenix Project is very concerned with protecting and honoring the privacy and integrity of any personal data shared in the process of supporting us. While I'm sure our sibling projects are, as well, I can obviously only speak for the Phoenix Project. Methods for achieving this protection of our backers can vary. We are going with Kickstarter, in part, as our means of doing this with the initial push: the credit card information, paypal accounts, etc. used to back Kickstarter projects are given to Kickstarter and Amazon to manage, and do not flow into the hands of the project coordinators. As an established and well-known business, Amazon has tools and policies in place to protect people automatically, freeing us to concentrate on providing the best rewards and presentation we can for the drive itself. In short, for this stage of the funding process, Kickstarter is the simplest method we can use to protect your privacy as you back us.

In answer to a few other frequently-asked questions, yes, most of the higher-level rewards refer back to lower-level ones as "included." We have had it suggested that we consider reshaping it to use add-ons and to have fewer "reward levels;" we're looking into that. If it does provide a tighter method of packaging things with less confusion, we'll probably have something more in that format for the final version.

Work, meanwhile, progresses apace, and we have our 3D artists talking to our tech people about some new assets they are working on to expand our adaptation of the engine. A lot of what we've got and are doing, we're saving for the KS itself, but here's an example of a very simple particle-use for a super-speed motion with our little blockman avatar.

That's using in-engine assets and our tech team's efforts with "auras;" our artists are looking at ways to build more exciting ones for final release. Stay tuned for more as we release a few more teasers in the next few weeks!

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