Monday, November 11, 2013

Heroes For Hope

The world needs our help, heroes.

Something terrifying has happened in the Philippines. We can’t sugarcoat it. 

Thousands are dead. More are left without shelter. Children have been orphaned. Parents have lost their families. It’s like a hurricane with winds the speed of a tornado ripped across a small island nation.

That’s not an analogy. But the English language lacks words to describe what happened. So all we have to give you is a bare description.

If we were up and running, if the game was functional, we’d give you all a unique costume T-shirt or something to urge you to help. We don’t have that ready yet. We were taking a week off.

So. No honey this time. Just an appeal to open your wallets one more time, for one dollar, or whatever you feel you can spare, to help people who were hit by a hurricane ten times worse than any we’ve seen in the USA.

These people are specifically helping where it’s needed:
  • The Philippine Red Cross are already on the ground, with food, medicine, and disaster relief. (Select Campaign: Supertyphoon Yolanda. 100 Philippine Pesos is $2.30)
  • UNICEF will help the children who have no one to help them anymore.

 Whatever you can do, we thank you.
- The People Behind City of Titans

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