Friday, December 13, 2013

Fanterview: Ionia Titan

Stick ‘em up! This is an armed robbery!

I wasn’t there. I was in Switzerland.

No - wait - that’s a lie. I’m sorry, this actually isn’t a robbery, it’s an interview. 

Well, hello there! Thank you for you offering your time to be fanterviewed and being a fan and follower of Missing Worlds Media and our first project, City of Titans!

Thank you and to MWM for allowing fans to have these moments

So, enjoying the snow? You mentioned you were getting buried under it.

Not yet. But it is coming. :)

So what’s your name (or internet alias?)

 I am known to most as either Ionia Titan or Mad Vyking. But good friends know me as Tor.

Where in this great wide world do you hail from?

Born in Brooklyn, NY. Lived in the Florida Keys. Now living in the Catskills Mountains of New York.

What was your first experience with videogames or MMO’s?

In video games: Pong the coin op game (old man voice) I remember when using the dial on that game was a skill.

MMO’s City of Heroes. Case of they got it right the first time.

Which is harder - videogames or arcade games?

Nowadays video games - due to the ability to play the game with others who are not next to you to distract or taunt. Don’t say you don’t know someone who did the elbow jab or shouted JINX in middle of the game.

See, I would say arcade games because they eat your money.

Out of all the superhero themed movies out these last few years, any favorites? (The correct answer is: Man of Steel)

OOOH tough one due to I, like many comic book fans, am a stickler to the original story line.

I would have to give credit to Tim Burton’s Batman cause of Jack Nicholson as the Joker (Man of Steel) Avengers (Man of Steel) Thor (Man of Steel) and on a guilty pleasure note Fantastic Four getting the camaraderie right (Man of Steel)

Did I mention Man of Steel?

*nods head*

How did you first hear about City of Titans, Missing Worlds Media’s first project?

It was a little after the day City of Heroes was taken from us. Was reading several articles of various opinions of why it happened and then I saw about the spiritual successors which led to the Missing Worlds Wedia website. Saw the Youtube video and the sketches of what to expect and I saw not only hard work but a passion.

Was it hard losing that MMO? Have you been a part of other MMO’s that have shut down?

It was hard losing the game but more of the access of the people I knew and especially the people who were in Hero Dawn supergroup on Virtue. City of Heroes players are unique that even though there were roleplayers, number crunchers, mission grinders etc. they were also the most helpful and friendly by a landslide when you look at other games. In my group especially there was a bond that to this day is being carried.

As for other games, no this was the first game to close on me under questionable reasons let alone any reason.

Speaking of which - any other MMO’s you’ve been playing or any exciting games?

After COH, I tried DCUO, SWTOR, STO and Champions. At moment on Champions.

It’s been a little over a month since the Kickstarter ended, but what are your thoughts on how it went?

I knew the goal was obtainable in my mind due to the people who played the game are as passionate. I know several people willing to wait til the paycheck to put in $5 for CoT. I still talk to a few people of my group and gave reports on how the Kickstarter was doing and all were wondering if the million was going to hit.

Out of all the updates from the Kickstarter, which was your favorite?

Two out of all of them. Hitting the goal, dare I say in record time and the final one surpassing the naysayers skepticism. Which personally I took a hidden pleasure. For some reason, the videos of the naysayers seem to have disappeared. (sarcastic voice) I don’t know why….

If I was allowed to copy and paste the freak outs the MWM team when we hit our initial goal, I would. Right now they only serve as blackmail. Useless blackmail, really, since everyone on the team has a copy.

Which feature are you most looking forward to, from all the updates you’ve read?

Well all are of course waiting for the final product. I'm interested in the Avatar system for the Android and the Ipod/phone/pad/watch/shoe etc.

What would make the Avatar builder system really stand out for you? Any feature you’d like to see?

The ability to work on costumes when away from the game. I know a few people who would love to work on one if they are out about. They see a billboard, mannequin or somebody with something on and then inspiration hits.

Any other ‘on the fly’ tools you’d like to see available for phones and tablets and whatnot?

While in Hero Dawn on Virtue, we ran costume contests. We also did trivia which I was in charge of. I worried about making it home if the road was iced up. So I on that point would say maybe a way to chat with people on the game. At very least, friends can go “Save a spot for me on task force. I stopped to get donuts.”

*takes notes*
*steals genius ideas*

Do you stop to get donuts or do the donuts stop to get you?

Depending on the mood.

So what kind of system are you running - any nifty hardware to brag about?

Just a basic computer nothing souped up. I get picked on due to loading slow speeds at times but if i can enjoy the game with my friends i’ll take the barbs with a smile.

I’ve been there. I used to experience 5+ minute loading times. It was a running joke that by the time I loaded a mission they’d already be done with the entire arc.

(imitates a president) I feel your pain.

Do you mix social media with your gaming?

In more ways than one now. During the gameIi wrote stories of Hero Dawn using players who went above and beyond the call of duty. After the game, several people said I should start writing for real. I am writing episodic books and needless to say have to tell people. I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest

How would you integrate social media with an MMO?

If you mean while the game is on, I can see people wanting to post the triumphant moment when hitting the top level or beating a task force. Maybe the ability to instantly post a screenshot from the game and BANG on the the social media in question.

Of course, one of my favorite topics: PVP. Do you enjoy PVP in an MMO or do you routinely avoid it?

When I PVP’ed I was the guy who went “Hi” (faceplant from one shot johnny, reform) “Wait a sec…” (faceplant) “Let me…” (faceplant)

You see a pattern.

But it’s such a beautiful pattern!

What is your favorite superhero power and why?

At first and currently use the swords. But when I did a warshade with Ionia Titan, I stumbled on (don't ask me how i did it) the combo enhancements to make  Ionia immune to the voids and cysts attack. I always got a giggle when invited to a unknown group , went into task task force, they initially picked on me when they showed up just to fall silent when i plowed through. Even got the Crab form as tough as a tank.

Let’s turn the tables - what’s a question you have for me that I can hopefully answer for you?

What caught my attention is the fact you guys are making sure you are taking time to do this game correctly. I always believed in the old adage “You can either do it fast or do it right.” I know you guys get the HURRY UP shout. What do you want to say to your idea of proving that adage correct?


Said out of practice I see!

Lastly: Any favorite quote you want to share?

For all my SG members, Hero Dawn: We don’t die, we diversify!

(I know some will say bad grammar but considering the idea came from the quote used in “BeBe’s Kids” it is faithful to the actual quote.)

Any chance I can plug Hero Dawn book?

Go for it :)

If interested look for Hero Dawn: Rise of the Powers on I is an episodic chapter to chapter book so files will be small enough to fit on smartphones :) Chapter one is out now and two is coming soon.

And for everyone else look for City of Titans in 2015.


  1. I remember the Hero Dawn CC's. I used to do pretty well in the trivia and even placed a few times. Best was second for a She-Ra costume. Virtue had some great folks on it and I look forward to meeting some of them again in CoT.

  2. I remember you :) Glad to see you around and I remember that contest. Sorry for delay been a bit busy now that chapter two is out. Hope to connect Erin