Monday, June 10, 2013

The Phoenix Project Status Update: June 10, 2013

The Phoenix Project
Status Update: June 10, 2013
By: Segev

For the last several weeks, we've been talking about the Kickstarter, and all we've been doing towards it. As we've come closer and closer to the mark, we've had more time to take stock of where we are. As the full set of materials for the Kickstarter site and its accompanying PR assets are all but wrapped and tied with a bow, our business team is evaluating it and making sure all our numbers add up. We're putting together the business strategy for all the things we will be releasing through the campaign to reward and keep your - our audience's - interest piqued for the duration.

An evaluation of our goals as a project, a business, and most importantly a community, has revealed that several of our technical and creative thrusts can be developed more fully much more swiftly than we realized. We only get one shot at the Kickstarter, and we want to really prove to you that we're going to deliver with your support. After careful consideration, we have determined that we can make it something spectacular with a slight delay. Our materials are all but ready, and before long we will be able to launch at the drop of a mask, but we can do better. To show it, and to give people time to save up cash for when the big day arrives, we are officially announcing the Kickstarter for the end of the Summer.

That's right: On September 8, 2013, the Phoenix Project kickstarter will begin! It will run until October 11.

This will give us a little time to work on a few additional spit, polish, and technical and creative developments that make it more likely that we'll succeed. We know it's important to the future of the project that we hit the target. Not only does it prove the strength of our community and the viability of our market, but in so doing it opens up the possibility of outside funding. It demonstrates how serious we are. So, while we have enough to make a strong KS, we want to make it iron-clad.

But still, we recognize and are thrilled that there are those of you who are burning to do something now. It may interest you to know that we're now officially the biggest COH community on FB, which is awesome. We've done our sums and have worked out that if everyone who 'likes' us on FB donated to the KS, they'd still have to each donate a sizeable amount to help us reach our goal. But times are hard, and while we want to give you the chance to put a bit aside, we also don't want to ask too much from you financially. It wouldn't feel right. So, in the time between now and September 8th, we're calling on you to help expand our community! Help spread the word, rustle up your old SGs - please help us in a real recruitment drive between now and the kickstarter 'live' launch - we need to find as many of the COH community as we can, we need to create a real buzz. We need people hyped up. The more people we have, the less we need from an average donation and the further the generous donors' large sums will go. Moreover, the more we prove what our community can do when it wants to support its goals.

Our new web site, with a smoother sign-up system, will be up within the next few weeks. In the meantime, signing up on the forums is not the only place to be a part of this. Get your friends to friend us on Facebook so they can more readily see our weekly updates. Ask your tweeter friends to follow us on Twitter @MWorldsMedia for news and links to new materials as we get them ready. Email us to be added to a mailing list (using the subject line "Sign Me Up to Find Missing Worlds!") that will be used for special announcements and to help us integrate it with our new web site.

We're so excited by your support, and we now want to turn you loose to really grow our base, so that on September 8th, we can blow everybody's - even our own - minds!

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