Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday: May 25

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This week our update was an in-universe interview with Bejamin Jackson, better known as Old Ben. Our intrepid reporter has a nice chat with him. Read the article here:

Join the discussion here:

Forum Posts

Around the forums, a few topics of note and interest have been floating about. We'd love to see more input and participation!
For our City of Heroes veterans, Ralathar44 started a conversation on what features, exactly, made CoH most fun for you, and what of them you might want to see in CoT.
Here we have an interesting topic brought to us by Hospy, where the idea of "skill sets" and their possible uses is discussed.&nbsp
A thread that's been floating around a while from Pyromancer. Talk about names for pets and underlings with the Operator class!


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