Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday: June 1st

Current News

We were happy to bring a very big, exciting update to our loyal followers this week! Check out "Mastering Your Character - A Primer on Masteries" for a peek at what lies in store to help you define your character!

After you've read the article, head on over to the discussion page and join in with your thoughts and questions.

Forum Topics

Here's an interesting discussion (before the spelling wars started! ;) ) about achievements/badges and ways to show them off, possible rewards, etc. Were you a badge hunter in CoH? Come toss some ideas into the mix.

An exciting and in-depth discussion about the origins of the universe, superpowers, and god-like beings in various comic universes, and how these might affect CoT.

What's a weekly post without a bit of nostalgia? Here's a thread brought to us by Gideon Cross as a virtual memory lane. Post screenies of your characters from CoH and relish the past.

Around the Web

See the world in an animated light thanks to Hombre_McSteez and some creative use of animation cells!

(Dubstep Frog might be my new favorite thing ever - Hiro)

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