Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday: January, 5th

Hey guys! Happy 2014! So welcome to our first of many Sunday recaps from forum posts, to current news, to whatever else is going on.

Forum Posts
Awesome forum game - play, or else.
Hero Dawn initiative (Remember Ionia Titan's Fanterview?
How will you be choosing your Titan?
Cab's challenge for people to photoshop Tannenbomb.
Redlynne's thread about a whole bunch of physics stuff I don't understand - but it looks awesome!

Current News

Have you all been following the Consumer Electronic Tradeshow in Las Vegas? Some awesome things to see there - from curved TV's, to dual OS devices (Windows and Android - on the same device?!) to intelligent homes. 2014 is going to be an awesome year for Tech, I think.

In case anyone missed it, we celebrated New Year's this past Wednesday. You can look forward to incorrectly writing 2013 on all your correspondence for the next few weeks.

From Around The Web

Some companies, like Lego, can be really awesome. Thanks to Doctor Tyche for sharing this with us!


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