Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday: March 23rd

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If you haven't heard the news you then you're living under a rock - but City of Titans will be built on the Unreal Engine 4. If you read that and you're all like "What the what?" then check out this video:

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From: jcheraz
For: Tech
Other superhero MMO's have not always had a great first-person view. Will you be a) allowing that and b) making it more viable?

Doctor Tyche, Company President & Technical Director: Too early to know. I don't want to promise something which we just do not know yet.

From: JayBezz
For: Tech
You've announced an independent character creator released for mobile devices and the like..
Any plans for Ability to Bank/Trade, Chat a Event Notifiers, when the SG lair is under attack, or other incentives to log in within the hour et cetera?"

Doctor TycheCompany President & Technical Director: Not initially, but over time the mobile app will gain expanded features.


  1. Woot been waiting for a long time for a reason by new shiny upgrades for the computer

    1. You've got time to save up, so don't worry! In the event you can't - don't fret - UE4 is, as we've been told, very compatible and easy to run on older rigs.