Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday: March 30th

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This week's update was another tour of the city by our lovely Gabbie the Cabbie. Check out the update here (

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Forum update from Doctor Tyche
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Thread by crowpeople, all about not having your weapons appear out of mother loving nowhere.
RP Thread by Rotten Luck - all set inside the Maul.
Thread by Empyrean which asks about what features and what not you like from other Superhero themed MMO's.


From:  Dinma
For:  Business & Marketing
Would you deploy an additional stand-alone adventure/danger room builder; a pen and paper (tabletop) CoT game; personalized avatar action cards, T-shirts, mugs etc. to raise funds or have Comic book stories--with player characters to reward loyalty?

Terwyn, Marketing: We're certainly exploring the various options, but it is too early to make any promises right now. Developing a pen and paper game, for example, would draw time and effort away from our other priorities for development. Creating personalized avatar materials would also require a degree of effort that we cannot quite invest just yet, as well. All of these things have been noted as things that we would eventually like to do, if possible, but first we have to get to the point where they *are* possible.

As for loyalty rewards, I think you'll love some of the things we've come up with already.

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I need this. You need this. We need Goat Simulator

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