Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday: June 22

Weekly Update

This week was a Dev spotlight in an all new exciting format: read and learn about our favorite artist (don't tell the others!) Tiger! 

Read In the Spotlight: Doctor Tyche here:

Did you like the new DevSpotlight format? We'd like to hear from you! Did you hate it? Well go to- I mean. We'd still like to hear from you! Head over here to discuss it:

Forum Round-Up

We don't want to forget our amazing RPers! One of the hottest and most active forum RP threads I've ever seen was started by Gladatoria. Take a read even if it's just to see the scope that the writers have incorporated!

Pay for win, pay for win, pay for win... Such a hot topic, isn't it? Voice your opinion!

From Around the Web

A shot-for-shot remake of the Battle of Hoth. Seriously. Wow.

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