Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday: June 8

Current News

A very big, very important and looked forward to update landed Wednesday! Our June State of the Game update by our resident bossman Warcabbit! Read all about it here:

Once you've had a look over the map and details, join in the discussion!

Forum Roundup!

Another blast of nostalgia from user Mind-Freeze! Here's a chance to tell us all about your very first character!

Some fun discussion on the Ranger classification per user Per Ignim.

It seems small when you first think about it...but doesn't our hair (or lack thereof) really say something about us? Check out this oldie but still going strong goodie from ZigZag simply tilted: Male and female hair!

Around the Web

A brave soul using a...unique medium to perform covers of various classics - as the artists themselves!

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