Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday: July 13

Ladies and gentlemen and non-binary gendered lifeforms from across the galaxy, welcome to your (late-ish) Sunday recap

Weekly Update

As the world recovers from the Soccerball Championships, many of us remain hard at work (or hard at not-working). This week, for your reading pleasure, we give you a look into some lore, with Tales from the Underworld: One Night in Charleston! 

After you give it a read, head on over to the forum to discuss, and also see if you can spy the special little surprise left by one of our favorite physicians...

Around the Forums

Here's what we've been talking about this week!

City of Heroes is considered a classic game by...well, most all of us. But what, specifically, made it so special, so /fun/ for you? Empyrean kicks us off with a discussion here! 

One thing that so few games have been able to properly replicate? SG/VG Bases! What are some ideas to make them more than a place for amazing RP and talent to be shown off? Lord Nightmare shares a few ideas here:

With July 4th out of the way, many people are starting to look forward to Christmas! And who can blame them? Everyone just loves receiving gifts! But should we be able to send our special friends some electronic tokens of our effection? Er. Affection? syntaxerror37 poses such a question in this thread! 

Hiro's Video of the Week!

BuzzFeed teaches us some crazy facial facts. Time to go measure my nose... Enjoy!

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