Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday: July 6

What a crazy few weeks it's been for all of us here at MWM and the City of Titans team! Vacations, rock music, rain, mud, and lots and lots of hard work! What have we been doing since last we updated you?


Check out a short version of our new Glossary, wherein we explain some terms you're going to be hearing a lot more of! Mole Men, Martians, EPIC MONSTER BOSSES, oh my! 

We also had a special announcement from our very own Warcabbit, just in time for a very special day. Take a look here:

And feel free to send lots of compliments here:

Around the Forums

Up for some good spoooooky RP? Check out "A Wee Bit of Ghost Hunting" brought to us by D-Pad:

Should Villains be Valued or Mocked and Beat Up Relentlessly? Check out a very interesting discussion regarding both morals, treatment of others, and game mechanics all started by "desviper" over here:

A Hiro-ic Thank You

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our active community members for being so diligent pointing out attacking NEMESIS spam-bots. It really makes our jobs a lot easier. While I'm told I don't have the power to make any promises, I'm going to disregard that and make each of you a promise! For everyone that reports a spam-bot, I, Hiro of house Antagonist, will give you one (1) FREE THIRTY (30) seconds of game time on release!!! [Ed. Hiro can't actually do this, please ignore him, he's been exposed to the sun way too much this month.] [Shadow: I blame myself actually. This is clearly the strain of managing the last week and a half without the balm of my presence]

Video of the Week

What else could it be? Happy Birthday, America!

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