Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday: July 20

Weekly Update!

This week, we continue our Dev Spotlight series focusing on everyone's favorite dubious physician, Doctor  Tyche. Check out the interview here:

And as always, join us in our discussion at this thread: 

Forum Round-Up!

A...female...Thor? I'm having flashbacks to Marvel Manga, here. Discuss this interesting news at this thread:

Do you like silly characters? Better yet, do you /play/ silly characters? Toss your ideas, or have a good laugh at some others brought to us by Criminus! 

Teleport! One of the most awesome powers out there (says Hiro) but so tough to do mechanics-wise. Kamikaze shares some ideas in this thread. Discuss them and add your own! 

Video of the Week!

Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert? Do you like helping starving kids? Would you like a role in the new Star Wars movie? If you answered "YES!!!" to any or all of the above, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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