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Fanterview: Joseph Devon

Joseph Devon
Name: My name is Joseph Devon;  my friends and family typically call me Devon. My known online alias’ include Basta and Photuris.

What do you do for work in real life?
I am a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. My job in the Corps is that of an expeditionary airfield technician. To understand what that means, one must first understand what exactly an expeditionary airfield is. An expeditionary airfield is exactly that; expeditionary. It is a rapidly deployable airfield composed of interlocking pieces of aluminum “matting” that can be constructed/ deconstructed in an expeditious (with speed and efficiency) manner. These airfields are utilized to provide a flat, versatile surface for all manner of aircraft to conduct operations on in any environment. My job entails the construction, upkeep, and repair of multiple airfield systems to include the above mentioned airfield, “Legacy” EAF (expeditionary airfield) lighting, Fresnel Lens Optical Landing Systems (FLOLS), and M-31 Marine Corps Expeditionary Arresting Gear.

What is your favorite food? (The correct answer is “Bacon” actually)
My favorite food, by far, is pizza!

Favorite movies?
I love movies that offer an escape from the mundane; Magic, future dystopias, deep space exploration, ancient lore, and superheroes are all genres that appeal to me. Some of my favorites though are Watchmen, The Spirit, Sin City, The punisher (the old one!), The gladiator, The Hellraiser series, and so on and so forth.

Congratulations on being a new father (Soon™)! How does the experience feel?
Thus far, I cannot truly describe the experiences. It has been an emotional roller-coaster; full of ups and downs and loops! At first I was afraid, as I, myself, am so young! I can barely take care of myself, let alone a defenseless baby that relies entirely on me! Alas, as we get closer and closer (any day now, really.) I feel a calmness taking over; a sense of self-awareness and confidence washes over me and I find myself ready and excited.

How did you first hear about Missing Worlds Media (MWM) and their first MMO project?
Well, funny story. Prior to the military, my life consisted of school, work, video games, and boxing. That’s really it. My imagination was on an insatiable rampage as I discovered all things fantasy and explored the never ending genres of video games, anime, and movies. Superheroes have always struck a chord within me; there is just something about that altruistic, super-powered individual that stands up for justice and for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Naturally, I discovered the COX universe and very quickly jumped into the mix. Finally! I had my turn to don the mantle of superhero and make the journey from zero to hero. I was there from the beginning and played pretty much up until I enlisted. The first couple years of my enlistment were too chaotic and hectic to even think about sitting down and devoting my precious off time to games which required so much attention and time. When the dust began to settle, however, and I found myself with a less sporadic schedule, I decided it was time to check back in with my favorite past time. Alas! I was met with “Farewell to City of Heroes”! My first thought was that it must be some kind of sick joke; very funny, NCSOFT, you got me. But with a little digging, I discovered the message was indeed true. I had missed “the final heroic battle between good and evil” by a mere few weeks! The disappointment was astounding; the feeling of loss and betrayal even worse. There were no other games out there that felt like COH, nothing to satiate my again rampaging imagination. I cannot quite remember how I came upon MWM, but I am very thankful that I did. The prospect of a resurrection intrigues me. Not in that the COX universe will be reborn, no. I feel deep down that something greater will rise from the ashes; a game unlike any we have seen before.

What would boundaries do you think MWM can push with their first MMO project?
I have high expectations of MWM as they are a group of fellow players with the same hopes and aspirations for this game. They all felt the untimely loss of a game far ahead of its peers and will do much more to see it rise again.

Why do you think people should support the Kickstarter campaign for MWM’s first MMO project?
I firmly believe that we have a chance here of playing a part in something bigger. The individuals constructing this game are all players like us with similar interests in mind. They share the same goal; the best superhero/ supervillain game out there.

What is it that attracts you to the Superhero genre?
I have always been partial to superheroes (and supervillains). Whether they use their abilities for the never ending pursuit of justice, or to meet their own means, the concept of individuals with super powers has always intrigued me.

What do you think defines a hero (or a villain?)
Defined, a hero refers to characters who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good of all humanity.
To me, a hero is anyone who stands up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. A hero is someone who, when faced with adversity, stands strong and proud. A beacon of hope. A hero makes the right decision even if it is not the easiest or most popular one.

If you had them, do you think having super powers would be a blessing or a burden?
Personally, I believe having super powers would be a blessing. It would indeed be difficult however;  would it be possible to resist the temptation of using those powers for my own gain? As the late great Ben Parker once said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. I believe he was on to something there.

Have you witnessed any acts of heroism lately that have inspired you?
I have been fortunate enough to witness many acts of heroism lately. They came not from scantily clad superheroes or mythological demi-gods, no. I see them in the daily duties of my best friend and wife, Elizabeth. At 37 weeks pregnant, she continues to work 30+ hours a week, studies relentlessly for her dental assistant certification exam, and manages to take care of me all at the same time. If anyone is deserving of the title “hero”, it is she.

What do you think are the most important things we can learn from heroes, in fiction and in real life?
We learn how to stand up, for ourselves, and for others when no one else will. We learn, also, how to make the right choice even if it isn’t the most popular one. We learn how to live by the most basic and necessary principles of honor, courage, commitment, integrity,  justice, unselfishness, and endurance. Basically, they teach us how to be decent human beings.

What other games, including MMO’s, do you play?
After a brief encounter with  DCUO, I have decided to lay off the mmo’s for a while. Maybe until THIS game comes out, who knows. I just cannot find the time or patience to contribute anymore. I have been sticking with console games like The Last of Us, Skyrim, Call of Duty, ect..

Do you actively Role Play when playing video games, if you do what makes it an immersive experience for you?
I am often guilty of role playing when playing video games, be it mmo or console based games.  It is very easy for me to become submerged in the character or plot. In regards to what makes a game “immersive” for me, storyline, storyline, storyline!

How awesome do you think it’s going to be to play the same MMO with your son when he gets older?
I have always been envious of those families that play video games together. Obviously there are other equally entertaining and memorable activities to do as a family, but I love the prospect of sharing experiences which have always been so fun for me with my son. The thought of father and son, hero and sidekick, taking down the bad guys and saving the day is indescribable.

What is your favorite quote and why?
"The only way out, is through."-Robert Frost

"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." - Henry Miller

“I wept not, so to stone within I grew.” - Dante Alighieri

"It's so damn hot... milk was a bad choice."  - Ron Burgandy

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