Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fanterview: Gavin

Gavin aka Sypher Vendetta
Gavin aka Sypher Vendetta
Name: Gavin aka Sypher Vendetta

What do you for work in real life?
Superhero/Martial Artist

What is your favorite food?
Chicken and villains.

Favorite movies?
Scarface and The Avengers

Any favorite hobbies?
Kyokushin kaikan karate 

Any big events in your life this year you want to give a shout out about?
Funny thing that happened on the 7th of September as part of our 3 day grading i attempted to break a block of wood with my fist, as i did it i hit the breeze block instead, forcing my hand to break, the first i said to my colleagues was " can you take a pic to put on Facebook!" lol.

But after i went to hospital and was given a date to have surgery i came back in a cast the Saturday evening, i stayed at the dojo as part of our grading and competed in the Sunday morning at 5am in training and took part in Kumite (sparring).

Once the 3 day training finished i was awarded my first red belt for passing the grading, i am still over the moon about it.

How did you first hear about Missing Worlds Media (MWM) and their first MMO project?
Playing COH i was always close to the community and certain members so when the idea of a successor project come up i was not surprised but more happy knowing the strong will of our community was still there.

Why do you think people should support the Kickstarter campaign for MWM’s first MMO project?
It is the best kickstarter in the world! do it now and i will personally give you a free cookie :D

What is it that attracts you to the Superhero genre?
the ability of perseverance against all odds despite the outcome looking bleak.
plus the costumes!

What is your favorite super power and why?
Telekinesis, the mind is such a powerful piece of hardware and if we can come up with virtually anything then TK would be such a vast and immense power to have.

What do you think defines a hero (or a villain?)
Being a hero isn’t about super powers or your costume, but when the timing is right, when you are needed, you will make the right choice that will impact the people you care about.

Have you witnessed any acts of heroism lately that have inspired you?
Yeah i have, i went through alot in  5 years, but a friend saved my life, gave me new meaning, i owe him a lot.

What other games, including MMO’s, do you play?
World of warcraft, champions online, neverwinter, diablo3, marvel heroes.

Do you prefer to play in groups or solo?
groups definitely, experience the world with others is inspiring.

If you play MMO’s how important is it to have an ingame home?
Very important, at first when coh was announced it was closing i was devastated this was a game i held close to my heart, it had been with me through my darkest times.
Those who don’t play mmos have no idea how it feels to lose a home like this.

What is your favorite quote and why?
"Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night...I can still feel my leg and my arm, even my fingers. The body I've lost, the comrades I've lost...won't stop hurting, it's like they're all still there.

You feel it too don't you? I'm gonna' make them give back back our past"

- Kazhura Miller.

If you follow the MGS series you will understand why.

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  1. From one Karateka to another the wisest words my Sensei ever said to me.

    "Quitters never win, winners never quit."

    -Sensei Rod.