Saturday, March 2, 2013

Community questions - Part 2

Yesterday we tackled five of the questions you'd asked us as part of our celebration of realising that more than 1,000 people like us. Today, we tackle five more.

Celebratory drinks with TPP buddies to celebrate hitting 1,000 FB friends
 But even more importantly, why not hang out with some of us next Sunday, when our lovely Art Director fires up Livestream and starts work on a piece of concept art? As well as watching her in action, we'll also be spinning some musical numbers by some popular beat combos who like to write and sing songs about superheroes, AND we're going to rustle up as many devs and volunteers as we can to come along and hang out with you all.

Until then...more answers to more of your questions.

Stay shiny!

--Lauren 'Rae' O'Neill
The chick what does PR and Press and Facebook and stuff, for TPP.

1. When is it expected to go beta?

Cameron Johnson, Studio Director: "Our current schedule is aiming for early to mid 2015 for open beta, but it's a very long way out so we don't want to make firm promises."

2. Will the game be free to play/micro transaction.. or subscription?

Cameron Johnson, Studio Director: "Yes."

"...oh, you'd probably like a bit more than that: We're going for the hybrid approach familiar to those who played CoH/V and who play such games as Star Trek Online and Champions Online and the like.
"Subscribers will have 'VIP' access and a stipend of the cash-store currency, but the free-to-play tier will still be a full game experience.

"I don't want to promise anything more than that right now, but we're exploring options that I, personally, find exciting which might make it possible for some very dedicated players to experience every aspect of the game they want without having to spend a dime of real-world money.

"But again, that's in a very exploratory stage, and may not pan out. Guaranteed, though: A subscription/free to play/cash-store model that will be very familiar to veterans of this community."

"easy on the 'tini"

 3. Bourbon or Beer?

Jessica Weaver (Yoko), Art Director: "I'm on the job.  So sasparilla ;)"

Lauren O'Neill, Press and PR Lead: "Heresy. Cider."

Cameron Johnson, Studio Director: "I stick to Mormon Champagne. *cough* By which I mean sparkling apple juice."

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead:  "I like a good, dry hard cider myself. I'll take a good craft beer if I can't get cider, but I've only recently forced myself to develop a taste for it. The things we do for our spouses..."

Nathaniel Downes, Technical Director: "Coffee..."

DC James, President of Missing Worlds Media: "Yes."

4. When I look at some of my game videos I captured over the years, and all the intricate detail in City of Heroes.. I'm like wondering... do you guys know what you're getting yourselves into? this undertaking is massive!!?

Cameron Johnson, Studio Director: "We do. We're constantly looking at what we're doing, and asking ourselves how we can do it better so that we can better grapple with the monster we've taken on.

"This is GOING to work, but we're well aware that we are going to need to continue to grow as a studio and a business to make it happen. And at the same time, we're remaining aware of our community focus. Why we're doing this.

"It's a balancing act, but it's going to be worth it, and when we succeed, we expect to have proven the ultimate virtue of real market economics: it provides value to everyone, and thus uplifts all."

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead: "Building a world is a hugely massive enormous undertaking in and of itself. And that's not counting all of the tech requirements, or the artists who have to translate all of the Lore team's words into graphics! Massive is something of an understatement, in my opinion."

5. Is there anything aside from donations that non-programmers can do to help?

Cameron Johnson, Studio Director: "You've given us more than I could have hoped just from helping us reach 1000 fans on FaceBook. If anything, we need more support and more word-of-mouth. Your kind words, both to us and about us to others, are positively wonderful. So, yes, spread the word, share your excitement, and stay engaged. This has a lot of 'grass roots' elements to it, being so community-driven."

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead: "Yes! We adore people who are good with spreadsheets, organization, information tracking, and editing for content and grammar over in the Lore Team, and I'm sure the other teams are looking for skills that don't appear to relate directly to what that team is doing."

Lauren O'Neill, Press and PR Lead: "I'd love to hear from members of the non-English speaking COH community who can translate our press releases and point me in the direction of websites and people I should be sending them to. I don't want them to feel left-out because I can't remember any of my college French and German lessons."

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