Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Community questions - Part 5

Zomg, the questions.

I actually had a dream last night that people were shouting on me on Facebook because I wasn't getting the answers up fast enough.

Before I get the questions up, a huge thank you to everyone who sent them in - and mahooosive thank you to the devs who've been busy answering them and doing their best to keep you updated. It's ace to see that you lot out there are just as excited and interested in this as we are.

Aaanyway - without further ado - your questions, our answers. This time around, it all got a bit silly, I'm afraid. I'm not sure if that's your fault, or ours. Probably yours.

-Lauren 'Rae' O'Neill
Official press and community go-between
The Phoenix Project

1. Can we get you anything? Some coffee? Maybe a cookie?

Lauren O'Neill, Press and PR Lead: "I'll take a cookie. As long as there's no raisins in 'em."

Jessica Weaver (Yoko), Art Director: "Milk and soft gooey cookies sound awesome! I think I may need to leave my work to go make some..."

Cameron Johnson, Studio Director: "A billion dollars would be nice. Make this project a lot easier to pull off. The fewer strings, the easier it'll be--oh. Not what you meant? Um, well, honestly...the rest of my answer is better given to the next question!"

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead: "I'll take some Thin Mints and a good chai, please."

DC James, President of Missing Worlds Media: "Actually, there is a cook book that I've been neglecting to get published..."

2. I hear that Doctor Tyche guy is a real pain to work with. Is that true?'

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead: "Well, he's been really late on some of his writing for MY team, but I suppose I'll have to forgive him for it. He's a little bit on the busy side, after all"

Lauren O'Neill, Press and PR Lead: "He's ok. You just have to know how to handle him. Like tickling his belly after giving him bad news."

DC James, President of Missing Worlds Media: "Our resident mad scientist. Just apply the right amount of voltage, and there really won't be any problems."

3. I know TPP is meant to be a separate awesomesauce MMO but will there be non obvious pieces of CoH scattered around Titan City and its surrounding areas? Symbols or items that CoH veterans will find and recognize? A fellow CoHer posted a picture of tile work he saw in a real life hospital lobby. The tiles were placed in the shape of the Oroborous symbol. It made us all smile. so Fun! <><>

Jessica Weaver (Yoko), Art Director: "If we can find a way to bring them in, I don't see why not :3  I for one would love to have a doughnut you can fly through, among other things."

Science beware!

4. If you're driving in a car at the speed of light and turn on your headlights, what happens?

Lauren O'Neill, Press and PR Lead: "I intend to test this, using my 1.2l Vauxhall Corsa. I'll let you know what happens." 

5. How far along is the game production?

Nathaniel Downes, Technical Director: About as far along as you'd expect after 6 months and an engine change.

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