Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday update!

 In a dramatic twist, we've decided to move our updates to Mondays. (Because, you know. Who doesn't need something to brighten up a Monday?)

So without further ado, I'm handing you over to our lord and master, Studio Director Cameron 'Segev' Johnson for this week's offering. Don't worry, he'll be gentle.

-Lauren 'Rae' O'Neill
Missing Worlds Media Presents
The Phoenix Project: Update
Monday, March 18, 2013

In light of the success of our recent celebration for hitting 1000 Facebook friends, and because so much has been happening under the surface, we've decided to upgrade our regular Thursday Facebook updates into a slightly more formal Monday Update, which you will be able to find on our forums, our Facebook page, and on the Titan Network forums! The intent is to give some "under the hood" glimpses to you, our community, of where we stand technically and creatively. So, without further ado...

Having settled on Unreal Engine 3 as our client-side engine, we've already caught up to and in some ways surpassed any progress we'd made on CryENGINE. Screen shots from a few simple tests with stock environment assets and the UDK's included "demobot" have been promising; we anticipate equal graphical quality with the new engine, and superior customer support.
We are ahead of schedule in conforming the control system to the developed model. It's now down to tweaks, rather than implementation. Due to this advanced state, we have begun work on the inventory storage system a week ahead of schedule. Camera controls are also now finished!

With these control systems in place, we can begin conforming test levels to fully exploit them.

Additionally, UI design development is kicking into gear. Our team of artists specifically set to the task is assaulting the challenge with fervor and enthusiasm. Our chosen UI colors are Blue/Silver for heroside and Black/Gold for villainside. In 3D modeling and implementation, we've decided that we'll be using bones for scaling models and costume pieces.

Speaking of costume pieces and character models, a text-based "blueprint" for the avatar builder (and character creator) is undergoing refinement to nail down what elements all need be present for the establishment of a refined design. The goal is, as ever, to retain familiarity for those coming in with some super-powered character creation experience from other MMOs while making the process as friendly and convenient as possible.

Server-side, a "watchdog" system is being developed. Three stages are currently planned: data collection, launch, and shutdown. The first stage is currently under development; once all three stages are finished, the server will be ready for live testing.

A chat server has been implemented and successfully tested on small group loads. Large group testing will be performed over the next few weeks. Integration of the client chat system with the chat server is well underway. Once completed, we will be able to actually participate in group chats within the game itself.

Finally, because of the success of the Livestream event, we're planning on hosting more in the future. We're still discussing and debating how often to host them and what in particular to show during future events, whether as a semi-regular thing or as further benchmark-celebrations (such as reaching 2,500 facebook friends, 5,000, etc., as well as milestones of great worth in the Project's development).

Thank you all for your support, and stay tuned for these and other updates on our twitter feed (@mworldsmedia). You can also find us on Google+ as Missing Worlds Media, and look for videos of teasers and demos on our youtube channel!

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