Monday, March 4, 2013

Community questions - Part 4

Another Monday, and we're still answering more of your questions - again, please don't panic if we haven't answered yours yet - without a heed for my own personal safety I am still chasing our developers for answers and am not afraid to poke them with sticks if needed.

I'm sure they'd be fine with that.

I'm really looking forward to the Livestream event next week. I'm hoping to come along for at least some of it (I'm in the UK, so timezones are not my friend. Nearly eight years of playing with Americans in COH and I still have no idea if I'm five or eight hours in front of them, or figured out why the only thing they want to know about is Doctor Who.)

I spotted today that we're not a million miles away from 1,100 friends on Facebook - it's great to see the numbers still steadily climbing - and thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word and bring people over her to be a part of what we're doing.

Oh! I have some thank yous to pass on.

Jessica 'Yoko' Weaver our art director (aka Nytrinhia) said:

"Oh wow... I can't believe we have 1000 people who are interested and supporting us! This is amazing, and as we gain more supporters it makes all the hardships, tough work, and tears worth it.

"We're only a small way up the hill, but with your continuing well wishes, donations and efforts, I feel that we really will be able to make it to the top of the summit! Thank you for everything!!"

While Cameron 'Segev' Johnson, our studio director, said I had to pass along:

"You guys are truly the greatest community out there, and I'm humbled and awed at your support for this project. Thank you so much for your confidence and hopes.

"Thank you all for spreading the word about the Phoenix Project; this is something that could not happen without you, and the more you all reach out to tell others, the more this will succeed.

"So thank you all so very much for sharing with your friends, and their friends, and for being our friends. We have a long way to go, and a lot of work to do, but knowing you're out there, supporting us, drives us onwards and upwards, like the heroes and villains we want to take to the skies of Titan City!"

To your questions! Away!

-Lauren 'Rae' O'Neill
Still doing PR n' stuff.
The Phoenix Project

1. How many character slots will be available. I absolutely loved the extreme amount available on COH.

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead: "As someone with severe altitis, I'm with you all the way on wanting a large number of character slots. Our Tech Team is well aware of this, trust me."

Nathaniel Downes, Technical Director:  "Tons upon Tons. Talking thousands."

2. A large part of what set CoH apart from other MMOs was the structuring of powers (sniper attacks, BU/Aim, significant duration single target buffs, inclusion of toggles/passives/clicks in the same power set, mez protection that made people outright immune to effects up to certain thresholds, etc). They lent a particular pace to combat and a feel to the game. How closely are you going to emulate CoH, and at the same time, how are you intending to distance yourself from it?'

Nathaniel Downes, Technical Director:  "There are changes, I won't deny that. But the overall structure of design is a close parallel to the CoH model. They did so many things right, to ignore it would be foolish. What few areas are awkward, we can fix without hurting peoples playstyle. We've taken a long hard look at things in a similar vein to how Fitness was made inherent, for example."

3. Where do I send money?

Lauren O'Neill, Press and PR Lead: "You don't! Not yet, anyway. It's really kind of everyone who keeps trying to give us their money, but we'd rather wait until we have something to show you that proves you'll have a reason to part with it. "


Will there be flight and teleport i miss the tp wars lol and secound will this game be a armor typ or is it gonna be like COH ?

Nathaniel Downes, Technical Director: "I actually just finished the first testing of teleport a few hours ago, and while it's buggy, it is shaping up.

"The defense/resistance types are similar to CoH, but expanded. One model we've put into place are primary vs secondary damage types, to allow for some unusual damage types like Entropy, which combines the effects of negative, heat and cold in a new way."

4. so many good questions already asked ... ok just for S-n-G's, Will the street layout in Titan make better sense than those in Paragon?

Jessica Weaver (Yoko), Art Director: "I certainly hope so.  We have an actual cartographer in our inventory of volunteers, so we aim to make the city setting not only beautiful, but functional as well.

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead:  "Well, that depends on whether you think New England street layouts make sense.

"As Titan City is set in the general location of the real world's Boston, we'll be using elements of street layouts commonly found in New England cities for portions of Titan City. Of course, the final street layout is the province of the Art Team - the Lore Team will be making recommendations and requests in consultation with the Map Lead and Art Director."

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