Friday, March 8, 2013

Costume concept

Good morning, Phoenixes.

..actually, we need a name. There's Browncoats, Twihards and Potterites, but the good people at TPP don't have an official term yet.

MWMers?, that just sounds silly.

Phoenixers? Erm.. maybe not. Answers on a postcard, please. How should I address you?

Anyway. With our Livestream event racing ever closer, and our developers brushing up on their best handwriting and favourite tunes in anticipation of meeting you all, it seems a good time to release some more artwork.

Front view
These pieces were created by our incredibly talented art team.

Although, as you can probably tell, the piece is currently in black and white, the plan is for the belt, gloves, boots and headband to be finished in a two-tone high-gloss or matte metallic finish. 

Side view
Rear view.

The big oval gems would be available in a few different options - including a steady glow, pulsating glow, no-glow and metallic finish to match the rest of the belt.

The sleeves and leggings are optional, and although this version of the costume is unisex, there are plans for a more feminine variant, with a halter top and miniskirt.

This costume probably looks best with some sort of cape, which I left off for clarity. There will, of course, be weapons accessories to follow.

It turns out the art team are feeling generous, so I'm thinking tomorrow, if you ask really nicely, I'll share some more with you.

Lauren 'Rae' O'Neill
PR, Press and.. gah, you probably know by now.
The Phoenix Project