Saturday, March 9, 2013

Moar costumes!

I may have mentioned tomorrow's Livestream event where you'll get the chance to watch our Art Director in action, and hang out with a few of our devs, team leaders, volunteers and probably a few of our friends and family to help make up the numbers.

And hopefully me. You know. Just in case you have any questions about Facebook, or something ;)

So in the run-up to said Livestream event, here's a little more artwork, released for your viewing pleasure by our unbelievably talented art-team.

These pieces are all from the 'cosmic warrior' genre, and they are all intended as player costumes, for those of you who have a hankering for something otherworldly.

If you get the chance to come along to our Livestream event tomorrow, between 4pm and 10pm EDT, you'll get to see Jessica working on a piece for our project mascots, and hopefully working with our 1,000th Facebook friend, Donna Day, who'll she be diligently turning into an NPC for use in the game.

We've also selected some of the best superhero tunes we could find (with help from our Twitter followers), so in theory it should be a jolly spiffing event and we're all thoroughly looking forward to hanging out with you.

Sharp-eyed readers MAY have noticed there were two community questions that I've diligently not answered. We haven't forgotten them, and they will be answered.

Soon (tm.)

Lauren 'Rae' O'Neill
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P. S Did I mention our Livestream event?

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