Thursday, March 7, 2013

Community Questions - Part 7

Well, this is the last of the questions (well..almost..) we had from you guys.

Thank you all so much for putting them forward, and we hope we've answered them to your satisfaction, but if you'd like more information, why not swing by our Livestream event on Sunday? Throughout the day we'll have our volunteers, team leaders and developers on hand to keep an eye on our art lead, Jessica, as she gets to work doing what she does best and to chat with you all.

The event kicks off at 4pm EDT and runs until 10pm, so there's no excuses not to be there. Well, unless you're working. Or.. there's some some sort of emergency or..

OK, so there's a few reasons you might not be able to do it, but if you can, you should.

Anyway, without further ado or fanfare - the (almost) last of your questions. Until you send me more.

Lauren 'Rae' O'Neill
Official chick with questions coming out of her ears and answers coming out of her...
The Phoenix Project


1. Will all the powers we know from CoH be returning, and if so, how much different should we expect then to be?

Tom Filiaggi, Game Architecture Lead:  "Currently, our Power Framework is much more flexible and variable than that of CoH.

"Our goal was to ensure we could reproduce the powers from CoH (if we so desired), but at the same time allow for new and rather interesting powers and effects. Much of this is at the "idea" stage, figuring out how all of these myriad pieces will fit together. Once we are comfortable with the Power Framework as a whole, then we will see what technical limitations may exist that would preclude some of that framework, and adjust the framework as needed. Remember - our goal is to retain the "feel" of CoH, so even though we will be introducing new game mechanics, powers, and effects, we still want this game to "feel" like CoH."

That's Ms Liberty, thank-you-very-much. I reject the outdated endemic in a society that correlates a woman’s worth with a ring - or lack thereof - on her finger.
 2. Will we be using trainers like Miss Liberty or self-train/self slots of powers like in DCUO? Any teaser character movement to view before beta?

Nathaniel Downes, Technical Director:  "Part of the design we are looking into is enabling you to pre-build your character, select what powers and slots you take as you level up, at a trainer.

"In CoH terms, consider that you build your character in Mids, then could import it to the game proper for auto-levelling as you go. You would still need to hit a trainer for loading, or changing, your build, but being able to pre-build yourself as you level, for the advanced player, is something we've long wanted. This would be the biggest advantage to those who sidekick.

"Now, you can still level up the old fashioned way as well, selecting powers/slots as you level, and for new players not familiar with the tools this is what we expect will happen. And do expect teaser footage of all sorts before beta."

2b. Will we have to find a hero like miss liberty to level up and choose power slots?

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead: "The current plan is to allow dynamic leveling rather than having to go to a trainer. You would need to speak with a trainer or other NPC in order to respec, change your power customization, boosts, or other character power alterations."

Tom Filiaggi, Game Architecture Lead:  "However, we are aware how certain areas in CoH became social hubs, and trainers were often part of the reason.  We want to retain social hubs, and ensure various quality-of-life issues are easy to manage there. This could still potentially include trainers (it has not been ruled out). So, as Kaylan said, it is true we want leveling to be easy, but there may be special components of leveling that require a visit to some sort of contact."

Jumping, or flying?

2. Travel powers. How many? I sure miss super jump.

Kaylan Lyndell-Lees, Lore Lead: "Superspeed, and Teleportation are all planned as travel powers. We are hoping to have other travel powers available if the technology allows us to do so."

Nathaniel Downes, Technical Director: "We've already verified that superjump, flight, superspeed and teleport will work. But we are working on expanding this list some, other games have some interesting ideas which we are exploring as well."

Tom Filiaggi, Game Architecture Lead: "We want to expand on the list of travel powers that CoH provided. There are a couple other super MMOs out there that have done that, to varying degrees of success.

"We are aiming to encompass those travel powers as well. Our approach also considers animation to be a simple component of each travel power as well. Free flight and rocket pack flight will both be flight, but with different animations. Ice slide and earth avalanche? Same underlying travel power, different animation."

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