Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fanterview: Chad

The one, The Only, The Chad.

Name: Chad AKA Blood Pack

What do you for work in real life?
Port Security

What is your favorite food?
Seafood (Copper River Salmon)
Favorite movies?
Insidious Chapter 2 , Prometheus, Matrix, The Crow, Frequency, Happy Gilmore,

Any big events in your life this year you want to give a shout out about?
the 3 most notables are my 3 sons. one starting high school and already preparing for college

and another entering middle school and finally the other starting Lower elementary school. Being able to watch them grow and mature into fine young men is a awesome feeling as a parent.

How did you first hear about Missing Worlds Media (MWM) and their first MMO project?
I came across Missing Worlds Media through our top notch Facebook community page Save City Of Heroes. ( just want to add I love all of the people in our COX community!)

What would boundaries do you think MWM can push with their first MMO project?
Its my belief that the sky's the limit at this point as far as MWM and pushing the limits. it is my hope that graphicly it will draw me in and immerse me into a whole new world that has the feel of COX But also give me the feel that I am home again. I’d like to to think that the missions / story lines would be more interactive. Kinda like a “smart” storyline / mission engine.

Why do you think people should support the Kickstarter campaign for MWM’s first MMO project?
Support makes you feel like you have a part in the game development like a personal sense of pride, like when you release the game you get that feeling inside of being apart of something that’s special. and thats the way I look at supporting Missing Worlds i'm apart of something that has the potential to be very big down line. For the people by the people.

What is it that attracts you to the Superhero genre?
At first it was a let me try this I had never played this genre before. then you get to character creator and I was hooked. (COX). at that time I had never been immersed in a game it was log in run around and log off I just couldn't get into it. then this comes around and to know that I had the ability to be that person you could only dream about in game it was amazing.

then came the friends and community you meet and are apart of nothing like it!

What is your favorite super power and why?
Super Strength. I love destroying things lol

What do you think defines a hero (or a villain?)
A hero is one that goes to line but won't cross it no matter what. a Villain is the one that’s willing to cross that line.

If you had them, do you think having super powers would be a blessing or a burden?
My case a blessing since there are some things / people that just have to be “Foot Stomped”!

What kind of content engages you in video games?
I love the “smart” game one that modifies its directives or goals based on decisions or actions that I have taken. I love engagement not only in a mission settings but also zone / world setting. Nothing like flying through a zone looking down and seeing Council Fighting 5th Column, then being able to drop down and kill them all… 

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