Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thank You! (#2)

Robert "BobMc" McNamee, 3D Artist


Level up!!!!!
We made it!
...and All of YOU all made it happen!
I salute you, and will do my best to help make a game we can all be proud of, a game that rewards fun, and friendships, and variety!

Onward and upward Titans!

Thank you!


Kevin "AngelWolf" Soucy 3D Environmental Artist

Wahooo! We made it in record time and it's all thanks to our backers. To quote Fozzie Bear: Thank you thank you thank you thank you and THANK YOU! We are going to make an amazing world for everyone to play in!

You folks are the greatest!



John "Rocket Cat" Barrett, 2D concept artist

I'm so humbled by the outpouring of support for our project! Your comments and the stories you're writing from @global names I've seen on the CoH forums remind me that our community is still alive, haven't gone away, and are coming back together to help build our new home. As I keep reaching out to my former league-mates, I really hope to see RP Congress out there. I was @Daggerjack and I miss you guys!

I'm really honored I was given the chance to be a part of this project! The assignments have helped me learn new tools and the other artists have given me a better perspective on design and anatomy. In February, I got the courage to apply to MWM, and I want to keep doing everything I can behind the scenes to give our 3D teams stuff they can use.

I've gotten to work with really talented artists here and I hope I can double my efforts now that you've shown us that you believe in City of Titans. It makes me feel like a hero again and that we can get this done together!


Doctor Tyche

There are not words to describe the sheer magnitude of awesomeness for all of you. I am deeply humbled by your support.


Voltknuckle, 3D Artist

I couldn't (bother to) find anything to quote about ordinary citizens being extraordinary, so I'll make on instead.

Very few superhero related comics and stories don't portray the ordinary citizen, as such as they're just as integral to any story as the super

Very typically superheroes need to save the citizens, and on the rare occasion, the opposite happens- where the superhero needs to be saved by the citizens.

But with the kickstarter, what we got is a recursive situation- in order for us to help you, we needed your help, and we got it! and we're still getting it.

Thank you, you ordinary citizens, for helping us so we can help you become heroes (and villains) again!

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  1. ALL HAIL LORD RECLUSE. Villains shall live and 'Evil' will return, join us.