Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thank You! (#5)


Y'all are awesome!

Thank you so much! *earhugs to all who want them*

__/^-^\__ *Miya!*


Carlos "Marcianit" del Campo 3D Artist

Lot of thanks, much thx to everyone helping with the kickstarter, asking or writing about him :) its incredible how the community in some type of form is... coming back, and its coming back with a dream.

And we have the same, so... Lets do it!! for you, for us, for everyone!

Thanks from all my heart.


Eric "Beamrider" Pawtowski - Composition writer
This is just overwhelming. Experience with fan communities has shown me that they can be generous, supportive, and hard working. This shows even more proof of that.

After getting all of this support from all of you, we can't afford to fail.



Thank you all:

You are super


"I die I come back, its what i do"


Stephanie "Conundrum of Furballs" Smith, Staff Writer

I had been hoping that we would be able to reach our goal, and fully prepared to miss it, probably by just a few dollars in the last few minutes.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how well we were doing all weekend long.
I was utterly astounded at how quickly the "Monday Morning Blues" were blown away. Before my first class was over at 10:15am, we were within $20K of our goal. I was hoping we'd reach it by close of business.
In the middle of my second class of the day, we didn't just meet our goal, but we blew right on past it! It was all I could do to not bounce right out of my chair in the middle of the lecture!
I am thrilled beyond words at how much you all support us (and I'm a writer!). We couldn't do it without you. I look forward to the upcoming years working on this project, and hope that we can make it the best MMO ever!

Thank you so very, very much! We will have our new home built as soon as super-humanly possible!

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