Monday, October 14, 2013

Thank You! (#6)

Dale "Black Gold" Yaddow 2-D concept artist.

I cannot sufficiently tell you all how much my mind is blown by the outpouring of support from what is simply the very best community ever! It is just so inspiring to see how incredibly successful the kickstarter is thanks to all of you! You truly are TITANS!!!! I know that everyone here working on the project has been truly moved and motivated to bring this dream to life, not just for us, but for all of you, our community at large. Bare with us. It's going to be one helluva ride!


Ryan "TBK" Rieder, Gameplay

As we near the 3rd(!) stretch goal, I continue to be blown away at the awesome passion and drive this community has. This is truly a labor of love by this team, and you guys are helping us realize that goal beyond any of our wildest expectations. So thank you guys, for believing, and sticking with us, I can't wait to see what the next two years is going to bring!


Joel 'DeathSheepFromHell' Aelwyn — Assistant Art Director, Tech Team, and multi-purpose sheep

There is very little to compare to the sense of others believing in what you're trying to do strongly enough to trust you with even a fragment of their hopes and dreams. The gut-tightening sensation of knowing that no, really, you're now on the hook for those same things comes close. There are others who will probably say it better than I could ever manage, no matter how fancy, so instead I'll try to keep it simple:

Thank you.

For the trust, for the chance, and (in advance) for the support, patience, and assistance we're going to need over the next couple of years and more (hopefully lots more!)…
Thank you.


Tim "Copper Cockroach" Gallivan - 2D Art Lead

FACE FRONT, frantic ones! Huge thanks to all our supporters, and a special shout out to my fellow Virtue-oids looking for a new universe to call home. You guys are gonna need a lot of kooky costumes to wear, nutty gizmos to wave about, landmarks to lurk around, and outlandish opponents to clobber... and it's an honor to have a chance to help design them for you. If you don't mind, we'll take a few moments to celebrate, then it's back to work. I'll see you all in Titan City!

"We're the ship without a storm
The cold without the warm
Light inside the darkness that it needs, yeah

We're a laugh without a tear
The hope without the fear
We are coming...
Dio, The Last In Line


Billy Mailman, Tech Monkey

Ho. Lee. Crap. Seriously, I'm having difficulty coming up with words for this, because I honestly don't know if I believe it. To everyone who donated: You guys are amazing. To everyone who wanted to, but either can't, or hasn't yet: You guys are still amazing, too! Thank you all for believing in us, for supporting us, and especially thanks to all of you for being so amazing!

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