Friday, October 11, 2013

Thank You! (#4)

David 'Forever Jester' Schopp, 2D Concept and UI Graphics

You know, the months leading u to the kickstarter there were butterflies in my stomach, I had so many I was burping butterflies! Then it launched, I saw it hit 30,000 dollars, still had butterflies, I laid down to go to sleep, fifteen minutes later it dawned upon me, on how awesome the quick and sudden response was!

I saw upright and lit with a brand new confidence and passion! Butterflies replaced with Burning, Flaming Pandas of conviction and duty! This is going to happen! All thanks to you!

It is such and honor and privilege to work on this all for you. All for the greatest community in gaming history, time to give you back a familiar stomping ground. But I cant forget about the new members to our wonderous community, I can guarantee, first handedly, you are in the best hands.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Heroes and Villians, lets get soaring.


Robin Strickland, Composition Lead

I'm amazed and astonished by all of this. I've always been cautiously optimistic about the project succeeding, but I never imagined it would succeed to such a mind-blowing extent. Really and truly, you guys are the best.

We're making a game for the best fans. We'll try to live up to the responsibility.


Dave "Pep Rally" Atkins 3d Artist

Wow. You guys rock so hard, you'd send Metallica to the easy listening station by comparison, and I'm talkin' the mid-80s version, not today's watered down one.

I almost couldn't believe how fast, and HARD you guys rallied to our cause, and I do mean OUR cause, but in truth, I'm not that surprised, I already knew the CoH Community was awesome, and this is just another example. I mean, if I'm in it, it has to be, right? Hey, stop snickering over in the corner!

I'm not sure if any of you remember me, but I mainly called Champion my home, although I had altitis like pretty much everyone who played CoH, and had toons on every server. This came in pretty handy when we started up the Tanker Tuesday Tour to spread the joys of all tanker teams to the masses. 8 years this event went on without stop on Champion, the Tour lasted 3 years reaching every server multiple times . 1000s of tanks, 100s of TFs completed.

I bring this up only because one of the proudest moments I had in game was when we completed the Statesman TF with an all tanker team(before Incarnates). Many scoffed at us saying it couldn't be done, they would say you're mad to make the attempt, why bother, you just don't have the damage, or buffs, Ghost Widow will PWN U!!!. That just makes me try harder. Yes, we did fail the first attempt, and then the second, but we learned, developed strategies, grew stronger, and then on that 3rd attempt... VICTORY! It was so sweet. That is the attitude we all must bring, what we all WILL bring to this endeavor.

There are only 2 ways we can fail, never trying, and quitting. We've already crossed off the first, and you guys just buffed us to the gills with AM, MA, FS, SB, and bubbles to take on the second. Although, SB makes me a little jittery.

2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - Who do we appreciate?!! You guys! You Guys! YAAAAAAAY!!


p.s. Sorry it's so long. They don't let us out of the art cave very often. heeeeeeelp uuuuuuuus. j/k


Chris "Clave Dark 5" Larason - Composition writer

I can't begin to describe how it feels seeing the ol' community returning to coalesce around us here at CoT. Top that with your response to the Kickstarter, which far surpassed any guess I had about our success. Cover generously with the fact that I'm allowed to actually participate in the structuring of the game (!!!). Let simmer for about a year. Makes five servings of me being speechless.

Thank you all from the bottom of my 5.

Now stand back, we're just getting started!



You did this.

You, with your dreams, beliefs, and ultimately, your faith in us - you did this.

For that I am so grateful.

There aren't words I have immediate access to that can adequately describe this experience. Our greatest fear was that you wouldn't be there, breathing life into this project. We were absolutely afraid of hitting the "Submit" button and not knowing if you'd be there - but you were.

It's been almost a year since we've last been together as a community. Yet somehow despite all the obstacles, the improbabilities, the passing of time - here we are again - and with new kindred souls to join us in this experience - and for that, I am thankful.

This is the part where we say, "I dare to dream." This is the part where we say, "Yes, we're going to make our dreams a reality." This is the part where we say "Yes, we can do this."

This is the part where we begin that journey.

I'm looking forward to the journey ahead and I am so glad and thankful to have all of you here, again.

Are we home yet? Soon™

Thank you,


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  1. I can't wait until the Kickstarter is done, you guys get the needed tools and we can hopefully get a new gameplay trailer after about 6-12 months down the line to get an idea of what this game will really look like(knowing things are subject to change of course).

    And it sounds like I will need to finally participate in Tanker Tuesdays. As someone that lost his teammates early on in the life of CoH and never found a solid group again, I mostly soloed so it was hard to find groups that would be willing to work out strategies after failing a TF. Generally a soloer but I appreciate good teams.

    One, I really hope you can implement your vision fully and two, I hope that vision is close enough to CoH that I don't feel like I'm playing a completely different game like I do when playing CO or DCUO.