Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fanterview: Rotten Luck

Name or your preferred online alias: Hunter aka Rotten Luck

What do you for work in real life?
At this time I’m unemployed a victim of layoffs.

What is your favorite food?
That would have to be Corn Beef, cabbage, and potatoes.

Favorite movies? 
Back to the future I,II,III the Original Star Wars trilogy (HON SHOT FIRST!)
Any big events in your life this year you want to give a shout out about?
My Nephew and his wife told us that she’s pregnant. So I figure the little one be old enough to teach how to play when City of Titans goes live.

How did you first hear about Missing Worlds Media (MWM) and their first MMO project?
I was there at the beginning reading up on things on the Titans Forums and then later on Skype. So I was there even before there was a Missing Worlds Media.

What would boundaries do you think MWM can push with their first MMO project?
Player made content integration. Most of the player made content nowadays is tacked on systems even the AE system in CoH was an addition. This is getting more integrated into the newer games. With MWM idea of offering Players the same tools (though restricted in some areas) the split between DEV created content and Player content would be a very thin line. The Payoff is HUGE amount of things to do for us Players and well face it free development for the game.

Why do you think people should support the Kickstarter campaign for MWM’s first MMO project?
We seen it before and sadly we see it again. Publishers placing demands on Studios that damage the quality of the game. Games are art but the mentality of Publishers is it’s a commodity. The high demand for franchises make it boring. Assassin’s Creed awesome idea but how many have they done? Last I heard 13 it franchise overload. It’s time to cut out the Meddling Middle man. The Studios are our supplier the gamer the customer. Kickstarter allows us to cut out the Publishers. They will always be there but hopefully with games like Star Citizen and City of Titans going it alone without Publishers they get the message they need to rethink things.

The Kickstarter finally launched! Yay! Were you excited to see it finally go up?
Yes, very! I had Kickstarter up every day watching the numbers rise.

What was your reaction to seeing the KS campaign explode in the first three days?
Syntax Error brain still recovering from Awesome overload.

Where do you think the campaign is likely to finish at? I’m thinking between 750,000 and a million.

I know we’ve leaked very little so far about the game, City of Titans, but what are things you’d like to know about?
I have many things I want to know, but I focus on things for the Community here. Key Features needed for our Community is a Proper Chat system and social hubs how are these going to be implemented? Will we be able to make our own channels? Will Free players have chat system gagged to limit gold farmer spam? Supergroup bases and Supergroup framework how do you plan on the system working? Can you make a Supergroup Solo and invite your Alts via Mail? Would you limited in a way to reduce SuperGroup Invite Spam?

Did you read Cube’s update about instanced content? If so, what do you think about the plans for an immersive environment experience? Link
Great ideas and allows for greater gameplay. A stealthy character could do things different then a Bashem Brute or a High powered Blaster. This increases gameplay and replay abilities. Die try again using different tactics. Always a good thing.

Did you read the update on some of the first zones coming out? Link
I have but that was a little disappointing for me. Could have been better written or even better display some concept art for the locations talked about in order to better give a greater overall idea of the zones.

What will be the first thing you do in Titan City when the game launches?
Beside scream in utter joy? I be playing with the new power systems rolling rerolling and rerolling for about a month before settling down and going for levels. I have a lot of Alts that need reconing!

What is it that attracts you to the Superhero genre?
This is a tough one to answer because it’s very personal. I have issues major biological problems that make it hard for me to socialize or even handle normal activities I will never be able to drive for example. As you can imagine this make life hard and school was even worst I might as well put a target on my back for the bullies and go to school pre-wedgied. I’m more of a Marvel fan then DC… thought One More Day ended my buying Spiderman. -_- then DC did that whole new 52. So I’m not into comics anymore. I’m getting off subject.. superheroes done right face many challenges and they don’t let those challenges keep them down. When you lived your early life learning that your special snowflake is slightly misshapened. Then a Superhero who’s blind, in a wheelchair (ORACLE was Awesome!) or the victim of trauma or discrimination has even greater meaning. If they can suffer and stand up taller than others then you can to.

What is your favorite super power and why?
There are many powers on the list, when it comes down to it. Only one power I still fantasise about. Telekinesis flying and being able to use anything around you with just a thought. By the way I’m not talking about a minor bending of a spoon level telekinesis I’m talking about major heavy duty lifting of cars, tanks, buildings level of power here!

What do you think defines a hero (or a villain?)
Both are part of the same coin the same motivation can lead to either roads. The line for me is when a Goal becomes more important than morals. A good example I read is a story about an apocalypse two different people does the same crime. Brake and entering to steal food. One guy kills the person he finds the other apologizes and asks to help safeguard the house for a meal. Or as Stan Lee once said Spiderman would have been a Villain if it wasn’t for Uncle Ben.

If you had them, do you think having super powers would be a blessing or a burden?
Being on the bad end of the gene pool I can’t help but think of having powers as a blessing. Even powers that seem a burden like being a Rock creature like the Thing. However it does depend on powers and how they are used. Wolverine I pitty massive healing factor yes but he feels the pain of whatever he suffers add to that he watched everyone he cared for grow old and die. The mental scars must be deep indeed.

Have you witnessed any acts of heroism lately that have inspired you?
Not personally but news stories I heard made me feel better about humanity. People willing to face a fire to save a cat. A teacher using herself as a shield to protect a child. How can you not hear that and think Hero.

What is your favorite quote and why?
It’s from Galaxy Quest “Never give up, Never Surrender.” There been times I wanted to give up and surrender but kept on going just to live a “normal” life.

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