Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So, Why Android, iOS, and Mac?

Hi, all, Zombie Man, here to address a question that keeps popping up, namely, why are the first three stretch goals so… shall we say… *other platform*… specific?

Well, let’s first start with the first two: porting the Avatar Builder (i.e., the character creator) to Android and iOS portables: So, remember, significantly before the game goes ‘Live’, we will be releasing a standalone module of the Avatar Builder. This will be a Windows app, and thus, available on Windows tablets. But you know, more people have Android or iOS tablets and handhelds than Windows devices. And so, in the interim between the release of the Avatar Builder and the full game, we anticipate that you, our eager fans, will be asking for the Avatar Builder to be available on their little pocket computer so that they can play with it all day long. We anticipate this because that’s what we want to do!

And that’s why we have the stretch goal of porting the Avatar Builder to the two most popular hand held platforms while we’re waiting for the full game to go Live.

So why don’t we put the money towards making the game go Live faster? It’s unlikely that more money is going to speed up the development process among volunteers, at least, not at this level of funding. We’d need millions, not just tens of thousands of dollars to speed up game production by hiring full time staffers. If that kind of funding came in, who knows, we might go for it. But for now, we plan to make the Avatar Builder as accessible as possible while waiting for the next stages of game development.

The next platform-specific stretch goal is a Mac version of City of Titans. Remember, our spiritual ancestor, City of Heroes, had a Mac version. Before we start adding stretch goals for game content, we need to stretch the number of players who can access the game. We don’t want to leave that community behind. Very few MMOs reach out to the Mac community, and doing so is what made City of Heroes so beloved, and hopefully will generate the same goodwill and dedicated fans for City of Titans.


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