Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thank You! (#1)

Warcabbit, Project Manager

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I love you guys.

We've been working so hard to keep ahead of you and you keep pushing faster than I can believe. I've got something really great coming up for you, but you pushed us over before we could even get it done.

We're going to start rolling out the things we put aside so the gameplay video could get done, shortly. Lore and art and... well, you'll see.

Here's a hint.

Flying dish
I want to believe

Beyond that, though, we've got to keep working on the game, we've got to earn the trust you've put in us.

And we're going to do that.

Torches high, everyone.


Timothy "Kitsune9tails" Ross

You are the best people in the entire world. Thank you for fulfilling my dream of being able to spread my particular flavor of madness on to you. Seriously, I have loved comic books and supers all my life and this is a goal of decades for me. You have made an old man proud and happy. I will do my best to live up to the faith you have shown.

Time to put on my butt kickin' boots...



Jennifer "Petalstorm" Bolack - Art Director

I am completely overwhelmed and excited and extremely happy to have such wonderful fans backing us. This project means a lot to me personally and you guys have had me balling my eyes out all week with how supportive and how much faith you have put into us and this project. I will never be able to express how thankful I am to y'all for being here and backing us. Thank you.


Lauren "Rae" O'Neill - PR Lead and generally-gushing-on-Facebook-chick

It's crazy to think that it was less than a week ago that I was dragged out of my bed so I could stand shoulder to shoulder with my TPP colleagues and our community for the launch of our Kickstarter. I'll never, even forget listening to VDG counting down the minutes, my stomach twisting and turning and my hands shaking.

And then a split second of silence as the 'launch' button was pressed.

It was a matter of /seconds/ before the pledges started rolling in. As late night became early morning for my colleages, sleep-deprived, I sat with the Kickstarter in one window and Facebook in the other, uploading 'milestone' graphics as quickly as our art team could create them, as we smashed through one barrier, after another, after another.

Every time we hit a milestone, I said I had no words.

I still don't have any words. Seriously. I'm talking in vowel sounds right now. I think I might even have made up a few of the vowels.

I never dared to hope we'd actually reach our target, because I knew it would break my heart if we didn't. To reach it so quickly is beyond anything I'd ever imagined.

Being a part of this has been an absolute honour. Sleeping with my phone under my pillow so I can check the updates, waking in the night to watch the figure rising, my phone exploding with emails, tweets and text messages whenever we hit something amazing.

THAT made me feel super. Gawd only knows what I'll actually feel like when I actually get to strap on some virtual spandex once again.

Thank you so much for letting us play such a huge part in your adventure. It means more than you can ever know.

I keep saying thank you, but it doesn't seem enough, somehow. That's just words, and there aren't enough words for how much thanking of you I want to do to you. I really, really, really mean it.

Thank you, three hundred and twenty-thousand times. Thank you.
Love you guys,


Brian "Terlin" McVey, Contract Writer

Wow, we made it!

Thank you so much for your incredible support. All of us here at MWM are grateful for your contributions and well wishes.

I have always been impressed with the community spirit that drives us forward. Many in the kickstarter have commented on the community they are seeing reawakened during this funding effort. We are planning a robust game with features I'm sure you will like, but most important to me, we are creating the place where the community that was can be again.

That is the element that drives me the most: creating the place where friends and family can dream together, where we can meet great people, and where we can be more than just a superhero-MMO.

Thanks again, everyone!

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