Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank You! (#3)

Steve "Minotaur" Dannell, forum mod and prospective QA person

I'm just amazed at the amount of money that has come in and the speed it arrived. Seeing a load of people I played CoH with, some of the old Paragon people and some people who I know never played the game among the list of donors is wonderful. Hoping for a long trip up the stretch goal mountain too as there are lots of exciting things to be found there.

Now the real work starts, we will have the tools we need and need to create a world that will excite and make sure people feel their money has been well spent. If we can create a framework for a wonderful community as CoH did, only then will I truly feel we have accomplished our goal.

Thank you so much for your support

Jack "Olantern" Snyder, Staff Writer

I'm ... awed? Overjoyed? Astonished? Delighted? Well, I'm definitely at a loss for words!

Thank you, from the uttermost depths of my heart. Your outpouring of support over the past week has humbled me, inspired me, and thrilled me. I arrived home less than a week ago Tuesday night, exhausted from a disappointing week of work on my day job, to discover the Kickstarter alive and numbers rapidly climbing. It was like a breath of oxygen on a high mountaintop. With my fellow Staff writers, I watched the first several hours obsessively, like an excited family huddled around a tiny TV screen watching a premiere in the old days.

Exciting as that was, it was nowhere near as thrilling as seeing us reach our goal today. Much as writing for the project is a labor of love to me, it's wonderful to see someone else have faith in it, too. A prominent literary agent once said that within every writer is an artist, who writes for the pure joy of creation, and an entertainer, who writes to feel the adulation of being read and appreciated. It's a profoundly warming feeling to have my inner entertainer validated a little!

But reaching this milestone isn't really about me. It's about you, the City of Titans community. Your enthusiasm, loyalty, and faith made this moment possible. We will do everything we can in the coming weeks, months, and years to fulfill the trust you've placed in us.




Ryan 'KelpPlankton' Gioia, 3D Artist and Animator.

This is really crazy how fast everyone's come together to support us. I'd particularly like to extend a thanks to the former City of Heroes developers who've not only supported us via the Kickstarter, but also helped get the word out about City of Titans. A game like this is something I've always wanted to see get made, and the opportunity to be part of helping it come together is something I'd never pass up, so it's nice to see so many other people feel the same way! I'm just as excited to play the game as anyone else.

Now I just need to figure out how to blackmail the team into having water powers ready by launch...


Christopher "Roadkill" Denny - Foley Artist/Audio Engineer

Wow! Wow wow wow wow wow WOW!!!! What's that again? 5...6 days and we reached our goal?!
What a community!!!
Hang on a second

*Wipes one manly tear from face*
You guys are the absolute best!!! You guys also deserve the very best, and that's what I aim to provide for you guys! At the beginning of the kickstarter I was scared "what if we don't reach our goal?" Well, ladies and gentlemen, you've done it! Now I know the next part isn't so fun for you guys - Waiting - Waiting for the game to arrive, waiting for your financial efforts to pay off, but it will SO be worth it! Thank you all, from the very bottom of my heart for everything!!!

It wasn't that long ago I was reading up on gaming news and came across an article describing the goals of the Phoenix Project and made the decision to join the team, now here we are - I'm rambling...Seriously, all, I'm in awe here, I can not thank you enough!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
Michele "Quantumhero" Alexander-Sichelle - Marketing Researcher


This project is a labor of love, blood, sweat, and tears for all of us. We vowed to create a new home for a very special community and welcome all new members with open arms.

It will take time and a lot more effort to do this right...but thanks to you we can fulfill the parting words of Paragon studios and "fly free".

Welcome home.

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